Linus Omark Disrespected the Honor of The Shootout


The Shootout is a time honored tradition, instituted in the NHL back in 2005. It is unquestionably the most revered way for determining the winner of a professional hockey game. It is as sacred as Don Cherry's wardrobe stylist is chic.

And Linus Omark just defecated all over it.

If you haven't seen his Shootout blasphemy versus the Tampa Bay Lightning from Friday night yet, here it is, but let this be a warning- it is not for the squeamish:

Linus Omark Edmonton Oilers Shootout Goal (via DemanProductions)

Can I open my eyes yet? It's over? Thank God.

The Shootout was created as a cut-and-dry method of deciding the victor of a regular season NHL contest. It is NOT an exhibition of tom-foolery for the fans' enjoyment. Creativity has no place in hockey, and is certainly never acceptable.

As the Lightning players put it:

"It's kind of a slap in the face a little bit. Maybe it's a little too much" said Martin St. Louis via TSN.

Asked if it was disrespectful, defenseman Mattias Ohlund said, "Absolutely."

"It's embarrassing for him," Ellis said. "You come into a league, a respectful league like this, and you try a little move like that. It's not a very classy thing. That's just the kind of person he is."

Ellis must be referring to this goal that was popular among the stoners and cannibals that frequent the YouTube:

Most amazing penalty - Linus Omark - HQ! (via jonatanforssell)

The Lightning players really hit the nail on the head, and exposed what is becoming a problem in the NHL, and something the league most assuredly does not want to escalate.

The Principles are simple: when the goaltender is ready, the referee signals to the player that he may attempt to skate, ONLY in a forward motion, with a SINGLE shot at the net.

  • If he stops or reverses his motion- The Attempt is over.
  • If he skates past the red goal-line- The Attempt is over.
  • Once any part of the puck touches the goaltender- the no further Attempt can be made at it.

Of course, there are always those who try to bend the rules and cut corners. Sure, Omark didn't technically BREAK any of the rules and OK, if he hadn't scored, perhaps we wouldn't be having this conversation, and PERHAPS the Oilers still would have won.

Perhaps Dan Ellis vomitted in his goalie mask last night. 
None of that matters. What matters is that Linus Omark is a gutless, God-less Swede who doesn't have the STONES to take a Shootout Attempt the way it is meant to be taken.

Like this:

Steve Stamkos Presents Some Creative Shootout Moves (via Jefflered)

Or, from the same game last night, the most HONORABLE way to attempt a Shootout goal- to skate down until you're about 15 feet in front of the goalie, wind up and fire a slap-shot from between the circles:

Steven Stamkos Shootout Slapshot attempt versus Edmonton 12-10-10.mpg (via reedkaufman)

Like a duel from 10 paces in the Old West. Like Russian Roulette. Or like Cartman playing Rochambeau.

Stamkos is merely a young player himself. He doesn't even have the knowledge that a seasoned veteran would have.

A veteran like Martin St. Louis.

In the same post-game interview from last night, a reporter asked St. Louis if he was Omark's teammate, would he take him aside after a move like that?

"I'd probably have a conversation [with him], you know. Sometimes, less is more."

It takes the wisdom of an NHL veteran with true class to set everything straight. One who knows how to appropriately handle himself in The Shootout:

Martin St. Louis - Shootout Dangle! (via roccom33)


All NHL players should take a lesson from the Tampa Bay Lightning players, and make an attempt to handle themselves with a bit more class.


This article was originally posted on Crowned Royal, a Los Angeles Kings blog, and can be found here.

This item was written by a member of this community and not by an author of JFTC.

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