And now the finish

After yesterday's disappointing season finale at home, it has seems to me that there is some hope of a first round upset by the Los Angeles Kings.  Even though it took 46 shots on goal to get the first puck in the net, it only took 3 shots on goal to get the second one in.  All in all, the Kings had 55 shots on goals for 3 goals in yesterday's game.

I must say this, Edmonton's goaltender, Devan Dubnyk, played an incredible game yesterday.  He made save after save, but almost lost.  As for Jonathan Quick, he looked tired and overworked again.  Lets see if TERRIFIC Terry Murray puts him in net again today.  I would be surprised if he didn't.  TTM seems to have a fetish of overworking our #1 goalie.  Especially when the goaltender gives up a SHORT-HANDED GOAL.  It amazing that he didn't take Quick out of the game at that point, but this is TTM, he obviously loves to see misery happen to this team.  Any sensible head coach would've have the backup start a game to let his best goalie get some rest, but not TTM.  He is all about tough love.  If you ain't suffering, you are not part of HIS team.  If you just got your foot amputated, your in the starting lineup.  This is the attitude of TTM and I don't like it.  Obviously, he doesn't care about the welfare of his team.  as long as its not broke, why fix it.  Who cares if you have a goalie showing signs of fatigue.  Who cares if you have a defense that gives away goals like free coupons for ICE CREAM!  Who cares that an offense takes 46 shots before you get a goal.  As long as the players are alive, that's all he needs.

One last thought,  I couldn't believe how under stock Team L.A. store was.  At the game yesterday, I looked through all the merchandise stands at Staples Center to get what I wanted.  An extra large Anze Kopitar alternate black  Jersey. I probably missed 15 minutes of hockey time because I was looking for that jersey, but I got it.  Doesn't the company who sells the jerseys keep a large volume of the more popular players? Does every player has to have the same number of jerseys available to the public?  C'mon, this is Kopitar, the team MVP (as of yesterday).  Hell, even Quick's and Dustin Brown's jerseys were few and far away.

That is all for my rants today and in closing


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