All-Time All-Kings All-Stars: Rosters and Lines for the NHL 11 Challenge (a.k.a. The Bob Miller Cup)

This is part two or three in a series, depending on where you start counting. First we ran a fantasy draft, with GMs me, Rudy and Niesy. Then we posted the results in a pretty chart. Now each GM has chosen lines and pairs, and re-assigned numbers where there was overlap.

The next step will be running some polls to get membership input on how the players should be ranked (calibrated) in terms of speed, strength, intelligence, shooting, passing, checking (etc.), because I will need this data in order to proceed to the ultimate joy: a simulated tournament with these teams in NHL 11.

Team Quisp


      height weight shoots
1 G Jamie Storr 74 195 L
3 D Jack Johnson 73 219 L
4 D Rob Blake 76 220 R
5 D Rob Scuderi 73 216 L
6 D Tim Gleason 72 217 L
7 RW Tomas Sandstrom 74 205 L
8 D Drew Doughty 72 212 R
9 C Bernie Nicholls 72 185 R
10 D Mathieu Schneider 71 192 L
11 LW Charlie Simmer 75 210 L
12 C Corey Millen 67 170 R
13 LW Mike Cammalleri 69 182 L
14 LW Mike Donnelly 71 185 L
17 RW "Cowboy" Bill Flett 73 205 R
19 LW Sean Avery 70 195 L
21 RW Tony Granato 70 185 R
22 C Ian Laperriere 73 200 R
23 D Dave Hutchison 75 205 L
25 C Anze Kopitar 75 227 L
27 RW Bob Nevin 72 185 R
28 RW Adam Deadmarsh 72 205 R
30 G Rogie Vachon 67 170 L
Simmer - Nicholls - Sandstrom

Cammalleri - Kopitar - Deadmarsh

Donnelly - Millen - Granato

Avery - Laperriere - Flett


Schneider - Doughty 

Gleason - Blake 

Johnson - Scuderi 




Quisp's comments I gave Kopitar his number from Team Slovenia, Donnelly his number from MSU, Scuderi his '05-'06 Penguins number, Hutchison his Maple Leaf's number (I know, even though Hutchison wore #4 before Blake). There was no good alternate for Nevin, so I went with 9 times 3 (9 being his original). I gave Millen 12 for no reason other than I don't like high numbers and it's a good number and it's close to Donnelly's 14. I gave Gleason 6 because his Kings' number was 42 and I don't like high numbers, so I went with four plus two.  

As for line combinations, I wanted Kopitar to have a finisher on LW (for some reason!). Deadmarsh is cast in the Dustin Brown role. The third line is a recreation of my favorite kind of third line, the speedy small-fry line. The fourth line is the all "personality" line, one part shut-down, one-part irritant, one-part vaudeville. On defense, the reasoning in pretty self-evident. Hutchison could be swapped in for Gleason, or anywhere really, depending on injuries. Vachon is a no-brainer for starting goalie; also, I don't know if there has been another Kings goalie who has done better coming off the bench than Jamie Storr. There may be someone, but I'm not aware of it. 

Team Quisp will be wearing Kings purple and gold, the throwbacks as rendered by NHL 11.


Team Niesy


      height weight shoots
2 D Alexei Zhitnik 71 225 L
3 D Garry Galley 72 202 L
6 D Sean O'Donnell 74 237 L
9 LW Bob Berry 72 185 L
11 LW Mike Corrigan 70 175 L
12 C Jimmy Carson 73 200 R
14 D Mattias Norstrom 74 210 L
15 C Jozef Stumpel 75 222 R
17 RW Jari Kurri 72 194 R
18 RW Dave Taylor 72 190 R
19 RW Jim Fox 68 185 R
20 LW Bob Pulford 71 188 L
21 C Bryan Smolinski 73 203 R
22 LW Dave "Tiger" Williams 71 190 L
25 D Darryl Sydor 73 211 L
26 D Mark Hardy 71 195 L
28 D Steve Duchesne 71 195 L
32 G Jonathan Quick 73 212 L
39 G Felix Potvin 73 190 L
63 RW Justin Williams 72 188 R
94 LW Ryan Smyth 74 192 L
99 C Wayne Gretzky 72 185 L


Smyth - Gretzky - Taylor

Berry - Carson - Fox 

Pulford - Smolinski - Kurri

D.Williams - Stumpel - J.Williams


Norstrom - Zhitnik

Duchesne - Hardy

Galley - Sydor





Niesy's comments: [Niesy apparently is pleading the 5th at this point. Her comments may be added later.]

Team Niesy will be wearing the Kings' current purple-and-black jerseys.


Team Rudy


#     height weight shoots
3 D Aaron Miller 75 210 R
4 D Larry Robinson 76 225 L
5 D Larry Murphy 74 210 R
7 D Jay Wells 73 210 L
9 RW Wayne Simmonds 74 183 R
10 LW Warren Rychel 72 205 L
14 RW Mike Murphy 72 190 R
15 C Juha Widing 72 180 L
16 C Marcel Dionne 69 190 R
17 D Lubomir Visnovsky 70 188 L
19 C Butch Goring 69 170 L
20 LW Luc Robitaille 73 215 L
21 C Craig Conroy 74 193 R
22 D Charlie Huddy 72 210 L
23 RW Dustin Brown 72 209 R
24 LW Alexander Frolov 74 210 R
32 G Kelly Hrudey 70 189 L
33 D Marty McSorley 73 235 R
35 G Stephane Fiset 73 215 L
41 C Jason Allison 75 215 R
68 RW Zigmund Palffy 70 183 L
77 D Paul Coffey 72 205 L

Robitaille - Dionne - Murphy

Widing - Allison - Palffy

Frolov - Goring - Brown

Rychel - Conroy - Simmonds


Murphy - Wells

Visnovsky - Miller

Coffey - Robinson




Rudy's comments:  My team is the best. Players with the same number were generally decided by seniority, except in Frolov's case because he gets #24 no matter what. I gave Simmonds #9 because he needs a sleek number to go along with his sleek game. Palffy wore #68 once and it looks good on him. Larry Robinson got #4 because that was Jean Beliveau's number (and also Rob Blake can go to Hell).

My team is built similarly to the Kings of today; I have a dominant top line, a solid secondary scoring line, an elite shutdown unit built around puck possession, and a 4th line with a fighter, a solid defensive center and an energy guy. My defense revolves around 3 offensive defensemen with 3 stay-at-home types. No one is out of position except Larry Robinson, but I think the old goat is smart enough to play on the right side. I am going to destroy Quisp and Niesy.

Team Rudy will be wearing the Gretzky-era black-and-silver jerseys.

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