Why is there still purple all over the Kingdom?

We just got done with the announcement that the Kings have dropped purple from their official color palette, adopted the old 3rd jerseys as the primary, demoted the crown to the secondary logo and promoted the home plate logo. So I was over at Rich Hammond's site, and I noticed that (1) he's got the old logo up there, and (2) there's a lot of purple built into the site. Now, as you know, I personally love the purple -- this site is still purple -- but www.lakingsinsider.com is the official Kings blog. Shouldn't the site switch over to the hideous Medieval Times/UPS/home plate logo? 

I think I can anticipate your next question. Yes, the Kings crown with the crossed hockey sticks is still the Kings' secondary logo. But: they removed the purple from it. It's black, silver and white, the Kings' official colors. 

Having had that thought, I clicked on the Kings Vision video of Luc et al making the ice at Staples. And there it is again, the Kings Vision logo, purple and the old (2000s era) Kings crown. Eh, probably they just haven't gotten around to changing it. While the video loaded, I passed the time imagining how ugly the news Kings Vision logo will be with the upside-down house logo in black and silver. 

The video loads. Hey, look. That's cool. They're embedding a row of (maybe 20) Kings logos into the center red line. But wait: it's the crown logo. That's odd. Why didn't they use the new UPS logo everyone loves? Why use the secondary logo? When the Kings switched over to the Gretzky chevron in 1988, you didn't see any signs of the old Jiffy-Pop crown, not at the rink, not on TV, and certainly not on the website (I make joke). When the Kings dropped the Chevron in 1998, I am almost 100% sure it didn't stick around on the ice or in promotional materials or TV or internet graphics. It was gone. Replaced by the new crest with the lion and the sun and the crossed sticks. 

Back to the Staples ice-making video:

I couldn't tell if they used purple in the little red-line crowns, but it sure looks like they did on the giant Kings' crown at center ice. Yes, the secondary logo is at center ice, too. The secondary logo with the old colors. 

I don't see the new official primary logo anywhere. Why is that? 

(also, in the video it looks like the guy painting the blue line goes a few millimeters outside the line in one place; so there's a place in the middle of one blue line where the puck has to go an extra two millimeters to leave the defensive zone; hmmm, I wonder if that will come back to haunt us...)

I just checked the Kings official NHL.com site. Purple has been eliminated there, it appears. I see in the site's history of Kings jerseys, it refers to the "LOS ANGELES" added to the bottom of the jerseys in 1998. They say, "where it remains today."

Actually, what it says is, "wear it remains today." 

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