Venting Time!!

There are so many things are on my mind about this team that I love that I have to get off my chest. It's been quite a while since I've done a post her so to start off I must warn you all that what I say here will or just might make you mad or pissed off so here I go.


With the current state of mind with the team, they just can't focus on scoring as EVERYBODY are standing on pins & needles wondering if they are going to be traded or waived or sent down to the minors. But why do the players have to suffer this!? How about putting the pressure on THE COACHES!?!? One of the main problems for this team IS the coaching. The fact is this team has a bunch of proven scorers, but the coaches ONLY focus is defense! It's equivalent to giving the keys of a Porsche to a teen that got his driver's license that very day! When the talks about who was going to be the new coach for this team I was hoping for someone that knows how to get this team to score. BUT ALAS!!! DL decided on one of his buddies to hold the reigns of this out of control wagon. The worst part of this coaching staff is the fact that NOBODY ELSE GOT PINK SLIPS!!! Having the worst offense in the league DOES warrant some additional firings. HOW CAN A TEAM MAKE A PLAYOFF RUN ON DEFENSE ALONE!?!?!?


With all the trade rumors swirling around, mainly about acquiring Rick Nash, DOES ANY PLAYER WANT TO COME TO PLAY FOR THE KINGS!?!? But to get someone like Nash would mean to sacrifice not just one key player but 2, maybe 3 players and DL isn't the type to just do that. I got into an argument with someone on facebook who WANTED to trade Dustin Brown AND Anze Kopitar. To do that would be not only insane but INCREDIBLY STUPID!! YOU DON'T TRADE YOUR KEY PLAYERS JUST BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT PLAYING TO THEIR FULL POTENTIAL!!! The person even went as far as calling Kopitar LAZY! HOW CAN ANYBODY SAY A PLAYER WHO LEADS HIS TEAM IN GOALS, ASSISTS AND POINTS IS LAZY!?!? Everybody expects a trade coming soon and I hope we don't lose any key players like Jack Johnson, Jonathan Bernier or Jarrett Stoll. The reality is if there IS a trade, it's for certain one or more of the fore mention players WILL be part of the transaction. In my opinion, this team doesn't need Rick Nash. For starters, Nash's cap hit is $7.8 Million. I can't see how DL could possibly WANT IT!? For this trade to happen, the Kings would have to give up Bernier, Dustin Penner and someone like Matt Greene for Nash's cap hit to fit under the King's cap. The reality is Columbus, or any other team, don't want him especially his cap hit at $4.25 Million. So basically in a nut shell, they would have to include Johnson in this deal. My Idea would be to trade Drew Doughty and Trevor Lewis or Colin Fraser, but THAT won't happen. If the deal falls through the next name on the list would be Jeff Carter. His cap hit is $5.273 million which is MORE reasonable to manage than Nash. Now we're back to who goes in this deal. No matter what, Bernier is going to be a part of this, or any deal being made. If they throw in Stoll and maybe a 3rd or 2nd round draft pick, then they have it made. They do that and take a shot at acquiring James Van Riemsdyk from the Philadelphia Flyers for Brad Richardson and they are looking better. A wild shot would be doing a swap with Edmonton Oilers with Penner for Ales Hemsky and we have a team that can do a little better than what we have now. The worst case cenario is DL just does NOTHING by the trade deadline.


More than certian, DL is out of a job and the Kings hire a new GM, as well as new coaches, that will more likely make HUGE CHANGES! By that I mean a FIRE SALE!!! .NO ONE ON THIS TEAM WILL BE SAFE!!! GOODBYE JONATHAN QUICK!! GOODBYE JOHNSON!! GOODBYE BROWN!! GOODBYE KOPITAR!! That would mean back to square 1, building from the ground up which would take 3 to 5 years. I for one DON'T WANT TO SEE THAT HAPPEN!! But if the Kings don't make it past the 1st round of the playoffs or even MAKE the playoffs, this is more likely going to happen.

This is what I have on my mind and I feel better letting this out. I would feel better if the Kings DO make it past the 2nd round of the playoffs;)

This item was written by a member of this community and not by an author of JFTC.

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