Kings Watercooler Talk: How Would You Fix LA's Woeful Power Play?

May 20, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Phoenix Coyotes goalie Mike Smith (41) blocks a shot against Los Angeles Kings center Mike Richards (10) during the second period of game four of the Western Conference Finals of the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

The players know it. The fans know it. My mom knows it. Your mom knows it.

Darryl Sutter acts chill, but he knows it too.

So, we've come to a consensus: the Kings' power play reeks. How would you fix it?

Shots, shots, shots (shots shots shots)

The Kings simply don't get enough shots through to the net. This has been a problem for months.

  • They ranked 25th in the league in shots at 5v4 in the regular season (45.1 SF/60 minutes).
  • In the playoffs, they've mustered 44.7 SF/60 minutes at 5v4. (Yep. A decline.)

By now, everyone knows how much importance we place on shots. It's no surprise that teams that lead the league year after year in shot generation with the man advantage, like Vancouver and San Jose, have met with greater special team success.

Granted, the Kings have been up against teams like St. Louis and Phoenix that place special focus on blocking shots. But this has been a problem all season, no matter who they've faced.

The players also know, in theory, what they need to fix. But so far, saying has been easier than doing. It's like being able to give someone else a detailed lecture on how to fish, without the ability to reel a big one in when you've hooked it.

Just listening to the interviews, you can tell they're disappointed in themselves. On the ice, they seem anxious, prone to hesitate, and sometimes look like they're plain over-thinking it. They also seem more comfortable at even strength. What can they do to shake out of it? What would you like to see?

Time for new blood?

Sutter has experimented with various power play lineups. Martinez had been promoted to the 1st unit, thrilling both Robert and myself, but has since been taken off. Richards and Stoll have played on the point. Sstephen17 proposed that Penner, who camped out in front of the net during his time with the Oilers, get some more time. I like that idea.

There's also a theory that units should be comprised of lines already used to playing together. Nothing's worked so far.

Question and answer time: Who would you like to see out there, and why? Who's not working? Who would you least like to see?

And hey, Sutter sometimes sends the fourth line over the boards. Go crazy.

Inspiration: LMAO and Animals Talking In All Caps. (NSFW)

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