Kings Links: Iginla Watch 2013, and More From the White House

Chip Somodevilla

Plus, the playoff push continues; we're keeping one eye on Chicago, San Jose, and Phoenix; and as the season winds down, updates from Manchester and Ontario.

An rare second consecutive off-day for Los Angeles. What's going on?

  • Jarome Iginla has been scratched from tonight's game for the Calgary Flames, and Boston seems to be the likeliest destination. We'll update this post if something breaks (and if he somehow ends up in Los Angeles, we'll monitor the ensuing Internet explosion). But as Lisa Dillman wrote for the Los Angeles Times, that doesn't seem overly likely at this point. Keep an eye on TSN and your favorite insider; I'll take McKenzie. [EDIT: So after the entire hockey universe ripped Feaster for getting fleeced by Boston, the final news was broken by... McKenzie!
    A Jay Feaster press conference confirmed that Jarome Iginla has been traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins for Kenneth Agostino, Ben Hanowski, and a 2013 first-round draft pick. Stunner.]
  • The rumor mill continues to spin around the league as we approach the trade deadline, with our old pal Ryane Clowe generating some buzz. Turns out he's got a no-trade clause; Fear The Fin (and their commenters) have some input. Isolated rumors have mentioned the Kings asking about Clowe, but I think that's even less likely than an Iginla move. Screw that guy.
  • Also, the Sharks face Anaheim again tonight. INTERSTATE SHOWDOWN.
  • Breaking from Darren Dreger...
  • Some alternate coverage of yesterday's White House trip...
  1. Darryl Sutter did NOT mention the Keystone pipeline. [CTV]
  2. Next time, can we not share a trip? Nothing against the Galaxy, but I didn't see the Heat sharing their visit with anybody. [Deadspin]
  3. The Galaxy's presence did give birth to a glorious photo opportunity, though. Via AP...


  4. Dustin Penner's priceless White House commentary has been retweeted almost 6,000 times.

  • KingsVision presents: Top 5 Kings Plays of the Week! Somehow Drew Doughty's dangle didn't make it, so watch it over and over... here.
  • The Hawks played a much better possession game last night, underscoring how well Los Angeles played on the road on Monday. [NBC Chicago]
  • We march on towards the playoffs. How do the Kings need to perform from here on out? [Globe and Mail]
  • How does Manchester need to perform? Better. They sit in ninth place in the Eastern Conference, but just got a key win over the Worcester Sharks to move within two points of 8th.
  • Speaking of which... How about Ontario? They're in second, and have wrapped up the Pacific Division.
  • Finally, congrats to forward Mario Lamoureux and defenseman Cameron Burt on making the ECHL All-Rookie Team, and final pick of the 2012 NHL Draft Nick Ebert on his debut for Ontario.
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