Mid-season review Part 1

At 41 games played, the Kings are 25-12 and 4. This mid-season look started out as simply who scored the most Game Winning Goals and therefore is currently the best player on the team.

It morphed, because to understand how the game winning goals are scored, I needed to understand the how the lines played out. So I went to and got the major line combinations used in our 25 wins.

Then, to see how the line combos morphed, I needed to get the data on our losses as well. This is why I'd rather stay in my pajamas and flip flops and leave the analysis to others.

I could have just gone through Nickc79's grades and given the lines an average of his scores, but why should this be easy? Hmmm. This is actually a valid idea.

That's the path that lead me to a month by month look at the way the Kings are using their players. Here's October's line data, and now some thoughts.

  • We played 14 games and went 9-5. Out of the 14 games, Quick let in 3 or more goals in 9 on them getting pulled twice. Eeek.

  • One thing I was shocked to see is that we started the season with Dwight King on the first line. I totally blanked that from my mind.

  • Coach Sutter went back to Brown - Kopi - Williams until 10/24. At that point it looks like Dwight made the big time.

  • Carcillo went 6-3 in the games he played.

  • Richards and Carter tried out 4 different left wingers. Frattin went 0-3 in his experiment playing left wing.

  • I thought we rolled four lines more evenly than what the TOI shows us.

Out of our 9 wins, 4 of them came as a result of the shootout. That's not very helpful for what I was looking to discover, so, in those situations where we tied the game and forced a shootout, I included the game tying goal (they be red).

  • Kopi has four game winning/tying goals. Carter has three, Richards has two and Carcillo, Voynov, Doughty, and Williams have one each.

  • Of Kopi's four goals, 3 of them come from the shootout and the last comes as a PPG in OT.

  • Richard's GWG was an unassisted shorty. Good times.

  • Of the 13 goals in October, only two were even strength goals in regulation; Carcillo from Richards and Nolan and Doughty from Williams and Kopitar.

So, who was our best player in October? Both Kopi and Richards have 7 points according to this list. So we go to the tie breaker... points by their wingers. Carter has 4, Williams only has 2.

Summary: Richards is the best player so far and deserves as much fellatio as he can handle.

This item was written by a member of this community and not by an author of JFTC.

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