Mid-season review Part 2

As often as Coach Sutter likes to change things up in a game it is difficult to pinpoint a line combination. The concepts of "lines" is a moving target in Sutterland. What I am doing is checking to see which centers played the most, then I check to see which wingers played the most minutes with that center.

However, we have Kopitar and Richards. Stoll, Fraser, and Lewis as centers and sometimes Carter and others make an appearance. Then, you have wingers who double shift with different centers.

What I am saying is, your mileage may vary. That's why it's an art not a science.

The Kings went 7-2 and 4 in November. We had quite a few story lines running that month.

  • Quick goes down 11/12/13 after two wins and playing BUF to a tie. Scrivens has to come in cold for the shootout (and loses).
  • The month starts with Carter out due to foot issues and he doesn't come back until 11/25 where he assists on the GTG.
  • With Carter out, the Richards-Toffoli tandem begins. First with Carcillo, then with King.
  • Carcillo goes 5-2-4 in the games he plays.
  • For the entire month, King is either playing with Kopi or Richards.
  • The kids got to play. Pearson gets a point and Vey gets two.

Coach Sutter seems to have two variations for the top six: 23-11-14/74-10-77 and 74-11-14/17-10-73. It's good to have options.

The bottom six were a hodgepodge. Vey played in all but the first game. I kind of liked the 17-28-21 line but they didn't play steadily. Also, how can you not love the 23-22-21 line just for its symmetry.

The game winning goals were dominated by Senor Toffoli. He had 3 out of the 7. Richards, King, Williams, and Kopitar had the others.
  • 11/14 marks Pearson's first NHL goal. If I recall correctly, it was the Pearson-Vey-Toffoli line out there. The coach was giving them a taste, heh.
  • The defense contributed 7 points in the 9 goals, with Muzzin leading the charge.

Both Richards and Toffoli had four points this month. Muzzy had 3. Doughty and Kopitar had 2 each. Since Richards is the playmaker, he gets to remain sloppy as long as he wants.

As well as Toffoli did with Richards, you have to wonder why Coach Sutter broke them up. We know the coach will go with the 74-11-77 combo next month. Maybe use that with a 17-10-73 second line?

We'll see.

This item was written by a member of this community and not by an author of JFTC.

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