Mid-season review Part 3: The Death of King Richards

I am missing a chunk of TOI data because extraskater is being Let's press on anyway.

The Kings record in December was 9-5.

  • The Richards-Toffoli tandem appeared the first 11 games and only two of those were losses. Just like the 10-77 duo, the 10-73 duo has a hard time sticking with a left wing. They've seen Clifford, Lewis, Carcillo, and Nolan in their 11 games. Maybe Richards has cooties or something.

  • 12/2 marks the birth of the 74-11-77 combo and it stayed the same throughout the month.

  • Interestingly, the first 10 games featured the 23-28-14 combo. The last 2 games features the 23-10-14 combo. So, Coach Sutter is trying out the Brown-Williams duo with each of his centers.

  • The 13-24-71 combo saw action in six games, going 4-2.

  • Carcillo went 3-2 in the games he played.

The #FUCKTHEDUCKS game is the only game we came from behind to win, thus has the only GTG scored by Mr. Brown, captain of our hearts.

  • Sadly, this is the month that sees the death of King Richards. His schlong must be sheathed, the figurative mouth must move on.

  • Kopi got three GWGs, two at even strength.

  • Again, the defense chips in 7 points.

  • Both King and Toffoli got 2 GWGs. Nolan and Carter got the other two.

So, what did all this learn me??

Coming off of four losses it is hard to tell. I would think Coach Sutter will finish his experiment and run 23-10-14 for another 5 or 6 games.

I think that Coach Sutter would not consider this the halfway point of the season. My feel is that (to him) the halfway point will be the Olympic break. So, I do not see the bottom six stabilizing until then.

Also, I wouldn't be surprised to see 77 center more. The 74-11-77 combo has just about run its course. It is a great line for when Sutter needs to shake things up but, after 4 straight losses I can see this being one of the first changes implemented.

So, who would be 77's wingers? Give Richie a fair shake at it, then try the 23-77-14 combo. For spice, try 17-77-21, see if that's the spark 21 needs to start scoring. Or, the standby 74-77-73. Would that gel?

In any event, I think we will be OK. We may have to settle for a wild card spot for the playoffs. This is not in keeping with the Lombardi "culture of winning", but I think LA is too laid back and has too many wondeful things to do to expect the players to sweat every detail.

Sure, in snowbound lands players cannot avoid hearing from fans or staying inside re-living their horrors on ice. Here, there is too much for an sane person to really stress over only one aspect of their life. And, I just have to accept it because I love LA.

Who scored the clutch goals?

Here is a look at all the GWG/GTG goals scored to this point.

If you just want the numbers, Kopitar is hands down the leader. He has 8 GWG or GTG goals which is as much as Richards and Carter combined. My issue with it is... 6 of those 8 came from the shootout or OT--not game situations.

Maybe that's just me being me. I will hand it to Kopi, but in my heart, I think the title goes to Toffoli. He has 5 GWG/GTG goals and these all came in game situations.

And, a big part of why the Kings are not at the top of the standings can be seen. Williams and Brown are not well-represented on this list. Two and one respectively. Hell, Nolan has a GWG as does Carcillo, you'd think that would light some fires under some asses.

I am hoping that the Olympics have gotten to both Lewis and Brown. I hope that when the games are over both our players will return to the goodness we expect from them and that the Kings will best the Ducks in every way possible. #SUCKITPENNER.

This item was written by a member of this community and not by an author of JFTC.

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