Let's Crowdsource The Los Angeles Kings 2014-2015 Roster!

Bruce Bennett

Hi guys, long time blabberer, first time fanposter here. Are you sitting well? Good. Me too, these seats in Lecture Hall 17 are pretty comfy. The lecture about Trade & Transportation Law sucks something fierce though, so I figured this would be a pretty swell time to start rosterbating for the upcoming season. Luckily I'm in the last seat row.

So, Deano up and got himself a pretty sweet winger and some depth for the not-too-distant future on the deadline, which will mark the last time something big happens with the roster before the off-season. How does the team roster look for next year? First, the free agents:

RFA: King,Vey, MacNabb and a bunch of AHL guys who I don't see important for this exercise, nor do I have the time to delve into since this is only a two hour lecture.

UFA: Gaborik, Lewis, Mitchell, Greene, Fraser, Schultz, Campbell. That's all.

Who I personally kept along for the ride can be found out below. This is the first rosterbation, so no trades or buyouts. Y'all can do those, and I probably will in my further reiterations. All salary projections & comparables are from Hockey-Reference's awesome Play Index & CapGeek, mostly using GP, TotTOI and P/G to make decisions. Cap set at $68 million, as per Deano's guesstimate.

Marian Gaborik ($5.000m) / Anze Kopitar ($6.800m) / Justin Williams ($3.650m)
Tyler Toffoli ($0.717m) / Mike Richards ($5.750m) / Jeff Carter ($5.273m)
Dwight King ($1.200m) / Jarret Stoll ($3.250m) / Dustin Brown ($5.875m)
Kyle Clifford ($1.075m) / Linden Vey ($0.735m) / Jordan Nolan ($0.700m)
Tanner Pearson ($0.736m) / Keith Aucoin ($0.625m) /
Jake Muzzin ($1.000m) / Drew Doughty ($7.000m)
Robyn Regehr ($3.000m) / Slava Voynov ($4.167m)
Alec Martinez ($1.100m) / Anton Stralman ($3.200m)
Brayden McNabb ($0.788m) /
Jonathan Quick ($5.800m)
Martin Jones ($0.550m)
CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter)
(estimations for 2014-15)
SALARY CAP: $68,000,000; CAP PAYROLL: $67,989,394; BONUSES: $342,500
CAP SPACE (23-man roster): $10,606

Here in prettier form on CapGeek's page.

LOL, I believe you guffawed over there. Bear with me.


Anton Strålman, RD, NYR (2013-2014 cap hit $1,7 mio.)

The only notable UFA signing from outside gets his due payday from the Kings. His name on the UFA list actually got me started on this whole experiment. I think he might be a decent but smallish puck-mover that can be had without paying too much of a UFA (and/or NYR) premium. Doesn't get much PP time, which keeps his point totals and salary in check. Might be a bit of a luxury for the third pair, but I think still pretty viable considering most of our own prospects are LD. If he doesn't fit or re-ups with NYR I say we go after their other FA RD, Raphael Diaz.

Comparables: Kris Russell stands out with the same kind of frame, same role & production and a couple of different hometowns on his career. He got 2,6 AAV for 2 years from CGY, but that was an in-season deal. Others in the ballpark (Cap hit goes here): Luca Sbisa (2,1); Jared Spurgeon (2,66); Jason Demers (1,5). I believe these were also all in-season (and RFA) deals, hence the bigger 3,2 figure for Strålman.

Dwight King, LW & possible serial killer, LAK (0,750)

Gotta keep that goofy-faced goof who keeps on goofing. Gets a pretty big raise on account of his versatility up and down the lineup, pretty good experience for that age, a statistically fine year and damned if someone won't get whacked if the team offers him less or the same amount as Clifford.

Comparables: Sheesh, this is a tough one. He's still young and RFA, and that production might be a tad Sh% fueled. I say a composition of high-ends TJ Galiardi (1,25); Jamie McGinn (1,75); Matt Beleskey (1,35) and the low-end of Erik Condra (1,25); Matt Calvert (0,987) and Matt Halischuk (0,712). These guys are mostly the same age, and the points difference is almost all PP-based. Galiardi and Ginn also broke in sooner.

Marian Gaborik, LW/RW, LAK (7,5)

Well, shit. This is the really tough one and I don't really have a comparable for him. Could still be a near 1 P/G player, or could be done as that threat. Could/will get injured. He's all over the map; 11-12 a full year and almost P/G, 12-13 mostly healthy but lower production, this year so far injured and lower production. What are you, Marian?

This is the "out of my nether regions" prognostication. Probably the hit is a bit too low, I mean he got that 7,5 for 5 after another injury-riddled season. Hoping Dean works his magic and by adding an extra year (thinking 3-4 years total) gets some security for Gabbo and a lower hit for LAK. This is the underpay, if the others are over.

Linden Vey gets a QO and likes it. Keith Aucoin was the first dude on the UFA list with "C" listed. Whatever, some NHL/AHL tweener to enjoy the Staples Center press box, while also enjoying the flexibility and lack of security of a two-way contract.

Notable Departures

Willie Mitchell, Matt Greene, Trevor Lewis

Thanks guys, it was super fun while it lasted. That shiny trophy couldn't have happened without you. Willie and Greene are too old and/or injury-prone to keep along unless they take a massive pay cut. Lewis could be called a two-way forward but that would be a lie at this point. Don't make me bring up the Play Index page with the P/G with that kind of NHL experience again.

So, there you have it. As the armchair roster name proposes, the team is baaaarely squeaking by the ballpark cap figure right now, the center depth is one or two injuries away from an unmitigated disaster BUT the team is stacked at wings and RD. I had time limits so everything could be way off or stupid or both. It was fun and a starter. The question is:


Use the same no trades/no buyouts policy and make the roster yours if you like. Or go full Terry Pegula, buy out Kopitar and Quick for shits & giggles and offer Whitney, Brodeur, Jagr, Alfredsson & Co. one last go-around, the moon and a pension. Bring in Selänne to coach. I'd like this to be revisited every once in a while and create an ongoing conversation where all the bright minds of the blog share their ideas. Happy bargain hunting!

(Sorry for the typos and broken English in advance.)

This item was written by a member of this community and not by an author of JFTC.

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