Vengeance for Brown

The word "hero" is thrown around far too often, but... - Elsa

A seemingly innocuous play leading to a disastrous injury and lengthy rehab for one of the brightest young stars in the league. I refer, of course, to this hit in Game 6 of last year's playoffs (click to play):



As you can clearly see, Dan Boyle turns his knee directly into Dustin Brown's at the last second. This hit would tear Brown's PCL and is a direct cause to him having the worst season of his career. (You can also see that Brown manages to stave off the pain for a while before it finally overcomes him right when Boyle's stick gets within a foot of Brown's face.)

An accident? I'm sure that's what Dan Boyle would say, and that's what Sharks fans would like you to believe. But make no mistake: this is exactly Dan Boyle's M.O. There's a reason Dan Boyle is known as one of the NHL's sneakiest players in the league; he has a long history of being involved in dangerous hits. The opportunity to take out the one of the Kings' best players and their leader was obviously too much for him. Disgusting but sadly not surprising.

After this hit, Brown was out for months and underwent a long rehab... actually wait, he stayed in the game and scored the Kings' lone goal before ousting the Sharks in the next game. But Brown's inspiring effort doesn't erase the sickening attempt on his life; indeed, the fact that he bravely played through the pain probably exacerbated the injury.

Brown clearly hasn't been himself this season as a direct result of this hit. As you can see in this video, he clearly can't even make a sharp turn without dangling his off leg. It's very unfortunate. Brown probably should have had corrective surgery over the offseason and missed the start of the season, but Brown bravely soldiered on at half-speed because he's not a bitch like some other players.

The Kings are now faced with the perfect opportunity to exact vengeance for Dustin Brown; a chance to once again oust the team and the player who took a year off his Hall of Fame career. The Kings are downplaying it, not even mentioning it to the public, but you know it burns inside them. In the room, you know they're all saying the same thing: Dan Boyle must pay.

The Kings shouldn't resort to violence or dirty hits to avenge their captain, though; why take the same route Dan Boyle would take? No, clearly the Kings should avenge Brown by doing the one thing he cares about most: winning. Do that, and justice will be done. It's what their brave captain would want.

This item was written by a member of this community and not by an author of JFTC.

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