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A Quick (Kings-centric) Guide to What You Want

Last night's games: The Good: PHI beats CHI. (The Hawks are now only 3 points-blown ahead of the Kings.) The Bad: NSH beats EDM. (The Preds are kind of off our radar for now -- too high up in the...

LAK 4, PHX 3 - Postgame Bullets [GAME #1?]

In a fit of optimism, I'm redubbing last night game one of the Season Within the Season. It started yesterday, and it ends on February 28, the trade deadline. Well, actually, the season ends when...


Kings/Coyotes Gameday Thread: cut the crap

Amount of articles chronicling Dean Lombardi's outburst and fine: 200 plus.  Amount of articles pondering what can be done to correct a flawed review system that holds itself above criticism:...

Kings/Coyotes Preview [Game #48]: No Surprises

The Kings need to score more goals and make their own justice.

I'm Glad Lombardi Got a Big Stiff Fine (and I'll bet he is too)

Matt Barry is right. And he's not alone. The fine levied at Dean Lombardi is hypocritical and inconsistent. I completely agree. The league dispenses discipline like a ... well, I was going to go...

Sanity Break: Enjoy the Rosy News of Future Kings

Shootouts, Schenn and other musings - Brandon SunSurprisingly, the Regina Pats, who also aren't in playoff position, have won eight of nine shootouts, led by sniper Jordan Weal (8-for-9 in...

Do you get the feeling Johnson and Murray don't agree?

[hat-tip Jack Handy] Kings: Mitchell and Johnson have opposing views following latest loss - Los Angeles Los Angeles Hockey Blog - ESPN Los Angeles[...] Willie Mitchell thought the Kings took a...

What the Hell Just Happened?

In the last quarter century, the Kings have only gone 12-19-1 in seasons that are disasters. They don't do it in seasons where everything turns out all right in the end. 1996 was the end of the Gretzky era. 2003 was the first of seven playoff-free seasons. What's happening now doesn't happen to Kings teams on the way up, but on the way down.

What Should the Kings Do and When Should They Do It

You have an infection in your foot; you don't want to lose your foot; you assume that antibiotics and other treatments will save your foot, because that frequently happens to feet; but there is a point beyond which you have to amputate the foot, no matter how attached you are to it, no matter the plans you made that depended on having feet. The foot is the season.

I looked to the history books to find a worse run of Kings' games

12-19-1, our current run, is the record to beat. As far as I can tell, and I am pretty bleary-eyed from fatigue and anger, the Kings have not put together 32 games this crappy in eight years. Not...

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