Playoff Update: Tough Weekend for Monarchs, Reign

Manchester starts the Calder Cup Playoffs with two overtime losses in their best-of-five series, while Ontario loses twice and now trails 3-2 in their series. Both teams now return home with some work to do.

LA will face a true contender in first round

A look at the current rosters, possession stats, and recent moves made by the Kings' possible first round opponents. The middle seeds have a tough road -- the Kings, Sharks, Canucks, and Blues are all serious threats.

Playoff Scenarios: Who Do You Want Facing LA?

The Kings will face either the Vancouver Canucks, the St. Louis Blues, or the San Jose Sharks in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. How can each matchup happen? We break it down.

6 Months Ago: Watch Game 3, Kings v. Devils, SCF

David Courtney introduced Wayne Gretzky for the puck drop at the Kings' first home game of the 2012 Stanley Cup Final. Here's a full game rewatch video.

Allow me to be the first to say, that was INTERFERENCE

I refer to the Shark's goal in the 3rd. Jiri Hudler was prevented from getting to the puck. The announcers even praised the Shark for impeding him. Hello? Two refs on the ice, and it happened in...

Round One: Unanswered questions

I found this in my scrap heap, a post, started before round one, that I never posted. Will the Kings' power play wake up in time to stop costing them games? Will Justin Williams be healthy enough...

¡9 uı dnɔ ǝɥɔʎsd ǝןıbɐɹɟ ǝʞɐʇ sbuıʞ

The Kings successfully defended the Fragile Psyche Cup, needing only one round to win it for the second time in as many years. The Sharks competed valiantly, taking numerous stupid penalties and...

Ah, the Gnashing of Shark Teeth

Kings exploit Sharks biggest weakness - Lets Go Sharks So much for home ice advantage. So much for avenging Ian White. So much for Jarret Stoll's suspension. The Sharks flat out missed the bus to...

Sawchuk, Vachon, Potvin, Quick -- Kings 4, Sharks 0

April 6, 1968 - Kings 2, Minnesota North Stars 0 (Terry Sawchuk) April 8, 1976 - Kings 1, Atlanta Flames, 0 (Rogie Vachon) May 4, 2001 - Kings 1, Colorado Avalanche 0 (Felix Potvin) May 6, 2001 -...

White on Stoll (and some bonus Stoll tidbits)

  ‘I think I’ll be back pretty soon,’ says Ian White — and some nice things to say about Jarret Stoll | Working the Corners As for Stoll, who will be serving his one-game suspension, White flat...

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