2012 NHL Lockout: Cautious Optimism Abounds


Yesterday's expanded player-owner meeting was called productive by both sides after moderates took the reins. We take a look at what may have changed, and how many owners could be on board.

NHL Lockout: When Did Lost Seasons Become Normal?


The NHL was the first to lose a whole season to a lockout. Now, the NHL might become the first league to lose two. When did we begin to get used to this madness?

2012 NHL Lockout: What Would Decertification Mean?


If owners take the threat to decertify seriously, this could produce results. Alternatively, they could continue to underestimate the players' resolve, react with more anger than sense, and kill...

How To Cope With NHL Lockout News


Resist the drama, wait for details, and remember they're still talking. When all else fails, apply beer.

CBA Update: No Progress. 5 Stages Of Lockout Grief


The five stages of lockout grief – and the latest round of CBA meetings – in links and tweets.

Schenn to AHL on conditioning loan? Hmm.


Disclaimer: half-baked thoughts to follow. I'm really not sure what I think about this, nor do I know if any other team's have sent junior-eligible players to the AHL on conditioning loans. Maybe...

Told You So 2.0 (WARNING: Kovalchuk content)


$3MM fine, no cap penalty, loss of 2011 3rd round pick, loss of 1st round pick in one of 2011-2014, Lou's choice. Surprised? No. Like I said: About Those Penalties... - Jewels From The CrownI keep...

Secret Amendment to Article 1: "Shall" now means "might"


CBA - Article 26.13 (c) In the event that the System Arbitrator finds that a Circumvention has been committed by a Club or a Club Actor, the Commissioner may impose any or all of the following...

Are the league and the NHLPA circumventing the CBA? (hint: if the reports are true, the answer is yes)


Here's our old friend, the Collective Bargaining Agreement: 26.4 Circumvention by NHL or NHLPA. It shall be a Circumvention for the NHLPA or the NHL to engage in any conduct prohibited by Section...

Kovalchuk extension, and I think I know why


And with that, the Kovalchuk saga officially stretches from July 4 to Labor Day. Bettman, Fehr may work to solve Kovy deal - sportsnet.caCan NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and NHLPA advisor Donald...


New wrinkle in Kovalchukopia


Kypreos reveals the last Kovy contract numbers - sportsnet.ca2010-11: $6 million 2011-12: $6 million 2012-13: $11 million 2013-14: $11.3 million 2014-15: $11.3 million 2015-16: $11.6 million 2...

What I think is about to happen in this week's episode of "Kovalchuk"


A few posts ago, I rambled my way through trying to figure out what the hell happened last week with the Kokvalchuk 2.0 pre-approval process (or lack thereof). We still don't know if it's true or...

P. Daddy: Lamoriello tries (the neighborhood of) 15 years; League says,


Kovalchuk, Devils propose to Bettman, get jilted again - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports[...] According to a source with knowledge of the negotiation, the term of the contract was in the...

But That's Not What He Said


There's a fascinating interview on with Bill Daly, which updates the on-going investigations. It's worth reading on its own (follow the link inside the ProHockeyTalk article). I'm going to...

MSM Hysterical Over Breaking News That's a Year Old


  Forget that you know anything about the Kovalchuk contract/hearing/rejection. Pretend you're not a fairly hard-core hockey nut who (after all) reads blogs. Say you're a casual fan who gets all...

Text of Bloch's Decision & my (mostly) non-gloating comments


Here's the full text of the decision. First thought: I'm glad they released it. Second: I'm a little surprised at how "short but sweet" the opinion is. The argument he makes -- or I guess the one...

About Those Penalties...


26.13 (b) The System Arbitrator may find a Circumvention has occurred based on direct or circumstantial evidence, including without limitation, evidence that an SPC or any provision of an SPC...

More Bloch Quotes from Custance


Craig Custance has added more block quotes of Bloch quotes: More from the report regarding finances: "...The dynamics of this SPC, with particular reference to its final six years, are such that...

Quotes from Bloch


Everything in quotes is direct from Bloch's ruling: Source: Arbitrator Rules in Favor of NHL in Kovalchuk Case - Craig Custance - The Grinder - Sporting News"In this case, the record strongly...

Told You They Had a Case


Now, in anticipation of the "what comes next" questions... Many people will be saying that this is no big deal because New Jersey can just send over another offer that conforms to whatever the...



Arbitration of Ilya Kovalchuk's Contract Rejection Ended Today: A Summary So Far - In Lou We Trust At no point whatsoever did this hearing become about whether there was circumvention. It has been...

The NHLPA's Case


A couple of days ago, I laid out what I, in my uninformed opinion, believed was the league's case against the Kovalchuk contract. I thought I'd take a stab at the counter-argument. Conventional...

The League's Case


According to infallible Twitter, the next chapter in the serial blockbuster known as Kovalchuk Month begins tomorrow, with day one of the hearing. There has obviously been a lot of chatter in the...

CBA Reading Comprehension Problem?


The Hockey News: Ken Campbell's blog: Kovalchuk contract could be restructured by arbitrator When the NHL Players’ Association filed a grievance Monday to dispute the NHL’s rejection of Ilya...

I disagree with Brian Burke by being even more Burke than Burke is


All due respect to Brian Burke, I believe he is wrong about one thing. The quote: Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke isn't a fan of Kovalchuk-like contracts - ProHockeyTalk - Hockey - NBC Sports"No one is...

No, no, no, there is no "now we pick an arbitrator"


[but see UPDATE at the end of the post, as the league apparently, um, didn't do what the CBA tells them to do. Hey, isn't that a circum -- never mind.] In response to the (many) people saying, and...

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