Doughty Contract

The history of (future) Hall of Fame and Norris defensemen before age 22


[This post originally appeared in early July; it's been getting a lot of hits this week for obvious reasons; I decided to kick it back to the top of the blog; comments are reopened, too.] My ...

That's not how I read it at all


Having just posted my thoughts on tonight's Rich Hammond post, I find that I wasn't the only one. Here's Surly and Scribe: Lombardi And Drew Doughty’s Agent Set The Parameters On His Deal Two...

Reading the Doughty Tea Leaves


Lombardi: Not much new on Doughty front " LA Kings Insider [...] we’ll jump back into things with the latest update on the Drew Doughty contract talks, courtesy of a chat today with Dean Lombardi....

"I would not be surprised if he was a holdout"


I would not be surprised to find out that this comment was supposed to be off-the-record. [UPDATE: Rudy points out in the comments that "this is pretty clearly a plant by Dean to make Doughty...

I Disagree with Bobby Scribe


Shea Weber, Drew Doughty & Market Value " S U R L Y & S C R I B E L.A. Kings Hockey BlogShea Weber received an award of $7.5 million for one season. That makes him the highest paid defenseman in...

Weber award is $7.5MM (HIGHEST EVER); so Doughty deserves...


  Whatever it was Drew Doughty was asking for, it just went up. I know it's apples-to-oranges. I know Shea Weber had arbitration rights and Doughty doesn't. I know Weber is a half a decade older. I...

Make Your Doughty Predictions Here -- Win a Terry Murray Golden Seals card (or something even better!)


Make your prediction in the comments. One prediction per commenter. No revisions. Your first prediction is your prediction. In case of a tie after the tie-breakers, the win goes to the person who...

Meehan says Doughty "would be willing to stay"??


Did I read that right?  The ball appears to be in the Kings' court in talks with Drew Doughty - It's apparently up to the Kings to end the long lull in talks on a new contract for...

Great -- Doughty fears (appear?) justified (...or else what Rudy said)


Drew Doughty looks to become highest paid King | ProHockeyTalk[...] While the organization was giving its best sales pitch to the most sought after unrestricted free agent on the market, their...

Shockingly, agents don't represent their clients' best interests


All eyes on 1 agency - Elliotte Friedman [...] For years, the largest agency in hockey has been Newport Sports, led by Don Meehan and Pat Morris. [...] At times, as many as 140 NHLers have been...


Quisp Notes: Lombardi on Doughty contract [UPDATED with tinfoil hat Smyth rumor connection!]


Here's the Lombardi interview with my comments. I meant to post it this afternoon but Ryan Smyth intervened, or had his agent intervene.  Lombardi, on Doughty contract talks " LA Kings Insider Q...

More Smyth (free inside: surprise Doughty tidbit!)


Helene Elliott gets more, not less, definitive. Kings' Ryan Smyth wants to be traded back to Edmonton - latimes.comKings left wing Ryan Smyth [...[ wants to be traded back to the Edmonton Oilers...

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