Funny Ha Ha

A Very Kings Christmas

What do your favorite (or least favorite) players want for Christmas?

Crazy Kings Valentines: From Sutter with love

Hearts and smooches from Sutter, Nicholls, Penner, and Lombardi.

A Slobberknocker Between Bettman and Fehr

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman drops some truth bombs on NHLPA player's representative Donald Fehr. It gets real, yo!

CBA Update: No Progress. 5 Stages Of Lockout Grief

The five stages of lockout grief – and the latest round of CBA meetings – in links and tweets.

"Uh...I went forehand": Watch Anze Kopitar Crack Jonathan Quick Up

Video of a lighthearted moment in the post-game press conference, when a reporter is a bit confused on the details of the game winner.

Hilarious Kings Infographic Educates Local TV Reporters About Players, Pucks, 45 Year Residence in LA

Local TV reporters get confused about how many touchdowns Brad Doty scored in "ice ball." Good thing our witty Kings employees are here to help.

Quick: "It's no secret that I have mind control."

Jonathan Quick credits ice and luck with mysterious save - - NHL InsiderIt had been suspected Jonathan Quick had supernatural powers after his inexplicable save against the Calgary Flames...

"Murray-Go-Round"? Genius.

Thursday skate update; lineup changes " LA Kings Insideroldthunder says: And the merry go round continues. Hopefully we can turn things around against the yotes. Lakings1420 Reply: @oldthunder,...

Oh, spit!


Re-live the magic: Nucks Misconduct play-by-play

Better than NHL On the Fly, it's the Nucks Misconduct 3rd period/OT open thread. I always appreciate examples of other teams' fans acting as crazy as Kings' fans. And I mean that in a good way. Two...

The Big Jar: Updated Pronunciations from My Six Year Old

A couple of new additions. I know I'm forgetting some.The Hard Ross Trophy Philips Placito The original six: O'berto La Gwango Zabba Gojund Sean O'Donald Scott Parts Raw Blake General Lombardi A...

I'm Going to Start Using My 6-year-old's Pronunciations of NHL Players' Names

My 6 year old's pronunciations of NHL Players' Names

Down Goes Brown: Signs that Tomas Kaberle may be considering waiving his no-trade clause

Witness the genius that is Down Goes Brown (I cut down the list; follow the link for the whole thing): With the March 4 trade deadline approaching, here are ten signs that Kaberle might be ready...

Scenes from the Father-Son Dinner - Battle of California

Genius: Tim Stoll (Jarret's Dad): So, Raitis, I'm sorry to hear your dad couldn't end up making it, but I thought he was going to. Raitis Ivanans: Well, I guess he ran into a little problem at...

Craig Custance (CraigCustance) on Twitter

Brian Leetch on Brett Hull's underrated passing: "He used to overpass in practice just to show us he could do it." via Craig Custance (CraigCustance) on Twitter.

Battle of California provides hockey tip of the day

Now, I don't stick people in the nuts because it's unsporting. What I do instead, and this is only if the guy's a little bitch, is slide the end of my stick up and down the crack of his ass. ...

BREAKING: Dany Heatley Requests Trade from Team Canada

Apparently miffed that he was required to read aloud in preparation for Team Canada's orientation camp, and irked by his reduction in ice-time over the last three years, Dany Heatley has asked to...

Patrick Kane - Taxi Cab Company Shirt - eBay

Patrick Kane - Taxi Cab Company Shirt - eBay (item 250480650727 end time Aug-12-09 20:45:50 PDT).

From The Hockey News: Top 10 Roenick quotes [the two I liked]

4. "I liked Patrick's quote, (that) he would have stopped me. I wanted to know where he was in Game 3. He was probably getting his jock out of the rafters of the United Center." – On Patrick...

Pronger Calculates Pi to Three Digits

[brightcove vid=16801452001&exp=988218058&w=486&h=412] WARNING: Evil Ducks content.

Habs fan sounds like Kings fan; Habs sounds like Kings; Kings still not in playoffs

[Carbonneau] figures that since [the skilled players are] so good he'll squish them onto the fourth line. Now Perezhogin is playing on the fourth line with some no name guy that can't receive a...

Kukla's Korner: McLellan requests to return to Wings, Retroactive to April 1

In a stunning turn of events, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman on Monday accepted the request of San Jose Sharks coach Todd McLellan to return to the Detroit Red Wings. Unaware that the playoffs had...

Ken Campbell @ The Hockey News: "Shhh, be vawy vawy qwiet..."

When I close my eyes and listen to Andy Murray speak, I feel as though I’m listening to Elmer Fudd. via The Hockey News: Campbell's Cuts: Campbell's Cuts: Playoffs provide plenty of lessons.

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