Weird Science

Gameday Superstitions: How Lucky Socks Really Help


How do you feel about game day rituals? I explain why lucky socks can help.

2010-2011 Kings Final Stats [sortable chart fun]


Player G/60 P/60 last GF/60 GA/60 +-/60 last QC last change QT last change OZ% last Scott Parse 1.00 4.01 2.34 6.01 1.00 5.01 1.37 -0.025 -0.054 0.029 0.488 -0.042 0.530 42.9% 5...

12 goals-against in back-to-back playoff games -- is that bad?


Let's take a walk back in time. The Kings have allowed more than 10 goals in 2 consecutive playoff games 21 times (note: I did not count any one game in more than one pair -- for example, if they...

The Series So Far - Shot Charts by Period


Game One 1st  a bad period; Kings nervous, Sharks dominant.  2nd Kings wake up, outplay Sharks.  3rd Sharks rebound, I would give the edge to San Jose in this period, but not by much.  O...

My rewrite of the tie-breaker rules


After several weeks contemplating the vagaries of the current tie-breaker rules, I've come up with a new, improved version. This is the better way: Standings should be determined by w...

The Kings' record when x occurs is...


Kings' Record 44-26-6 When Kopitar scores 18-3-0 When a defenseman scores 22-2-2 When a Fwd not (25,11,23,14,94,28,17,26) scores 16-5-1 Opponents score 2 goals or fewer 34-6-3 W...

My Powers are Beyond Your Understanding.


Video: Jonathan Quick may, in fact, control pucks with his mind - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! SportsNo, really, there's only one good explanation, which is that Jonathan Quick is a telepath who...

People Smarter Than Me Send Loktionov to Manchester


blockquote> Loktionov back to Manchester « LA Kings InsiderAndrei Loktionov has been assigned back to the AHL’s Manchester Monarchs. Loktionov had three goals and two assists during his most recent...

Exciting Kings Stats You Can't Get Anywhere Else!


Well, some of them you can. But most of these, you have to have a special kind of OCD to bother. In the chart that follows, numbers refer to jersey numbers (e.g. "when 11 scores" means "when...

False Parity as a Graph


Because I like to mess around with Excel, I found myself making graphs of teams' win-percentages in relation to their place in the standings. But a funny thing happened.  Let me back up for a...


Kings' win percentage by player


Marco Sturm is apparently getting close to a return, and when that happens, a roster move will occur. Barring any trades, the choices are: Return Andrei Loktionov to Manchester. This is the most...

Friday Precap: The Real Western Conference Standings


Q OFF.   PTS W% PRJ PB to94 GP W 1 1 VAN 75 0.721 118 29 8-19-3 52 31 2 2 DET 68 0.680 112 32 12-18-2 50 29 3 3 DAL 65 0.625 103 39 13-14-3 52 26 4 4 NAS 61 0.587 96 43 ...

Thoughts (entirely not mine) on the Crapshootout


The comments section has been alive with debate on shoot-out stats. I thought I would write a post about it. But since the posts have already been written, I will cut/paste. Follow the links...

41 down, 41 to go (okay, so now it's 42/40) - Kings at the mid-point +1


Back before the season started, I characterized late December/early January like this: Games 33-41 - leading up to the mid-point - Jewels From The Crown EDM ANA @SJS @PHX PHI SJS CHI NSH CBJ W...

NHL replaces shoot-out with coin-flip (no, wait -- the shoot-out IS a that better?)


Well, it's more exciting than a coin-flip anyway. I have been mildly irritated that my seven year-old loves the shoot-out. And he got NHL 11 for his birthday, and the shoot-out is his favorite...

Kings' attendance up 4.1% - Ducks' down 3.7%


NO ONE CARES ABOUT HOCKEY EITHER: NHL Attendance Down – AgainEarlier today we saw that NBA attendance is down for the second straight season. But they are not alone. NHL fans are also staying home...

Kings Win Percentage By Player


Another three days off, another round of whimsical though pointless posts. Today, the win/loss records for each Kings player. Goalies only count when they're playing; everyone else counts if...

Quick 2009 vs. Quick 2010 vs. Bernier 2010 vs. Ersberg 2009


As promised in the last post, I want to run through a bunch of head-to-heads...starting with the most fun (or "fun"): goaltending. Jonathan Quick, so far this year: 11-3-0, 27 goals-against. Q...

Probability and Kings' Birthdays, seriously...


In Sunday's fit of boredom, I added a column for birthdays to the Kings reserve list (the master list that contains all the players under contract plus unsigned draft picks and players playing in...

REVEALED: Terry Murray's Secret Goalie Rotation Calendar


A reliable though entirely fictional psychic gave me this window into the future. Barring unforeseen injuries or suckiness, this is guaranteed to be at least mostly probably accurate with a margin...

At least he's consistent


Atlanta Thrashers with Ilya Kovalchuk: 260-289-81, W% .477 New Jersey Devils with Kovalchuk: 15-17-6, W% .474 GAA, Thrashers 2001-2010: 3.28 GAA, Devils 2010-11: 3.25 Playoff record, w/ Thrashers: 0...

Apropos of nothing: 50 goal scorers by season since 1942


Over at LAKingsinsider, a commenter wondered why there aren't as many 50 goal scorers as there used to be. I wondered if that were true or not. Hence, chart: [click on image for better looking...

A year later, are players still doing this?


On the old blog, I linked to this article about a new skate-sharpening technology. I posted it and proceeded to totally forget about it. Anyone know if this innovation is still "hot"? New...

Page Views on June 28, 2010


Jewels From The Crown has surpassed 10,000 page views today. A milestone to note!

Top 5 Kings Killers


Top 5 Kings Killers as chosen by Connie Kim. Jewels From The Crown takes a look at who these players are.

The 1st Annual CONNIE Awards!


In honor of the 82nd Annual Oscar Awards, Jewels From The Crown holds its own awards show! Are the recipients worthy?

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