Postgame Poll: The Veterans Come Through


Somehow, after being down 2-0 in both Game One and Game Two... the Los Angeles Kings are now up 2-0 in the Stanley Cup Final. After hearing a lot about the Kings' younger core in the past few...

Postgame Poll: Game 1 Overtime Win


What was your favorite Drew Doughty moment?

Postgame Poll: Hockey is Dumb Sometimes


John Gibson wasn't going to be beaten tonight, and that's that.

Game 6 Postgame Poll: AHHHHHHHHHHHH


oh my god oh my god oh my god

[POLL] Why Is The Kings' Offense Struggling?


It's probably a combination of things, but before providing our analysis, we wanted to see what you thought the main reason was for the Kings' recent scoring woes.

Postgame Poll: The season's end


The Kings go farther than recent defending champs have, but fall in the second overtime. I love them.

Postgame Poll: Kings fall in the third 3-2


Kings lose a lead and fail to even up the series. Are you searching for your inner Win Cat?

Postgame Poll: Kings Win 3-1, Zone Time Is Ours


Meanwhile, there was lots of odd Chicago drama.

Postgame Poll: Kings Overwhelmed in Game Two


LA leaves the United Center with "Chelsea Dagger" ringing in their ears. Pick your scapegoat.

Postgame Poll: LA Loses 2-1 (Again), Is Dominated


On the bright side, Game 2 is only 24 hours away. Wait, is that a good thing?


Kings-Hawks: Schedule, Start Times, TV Info, Notes


Chicago's victory over Detroit means that Los Angeles will open the Western Conference Finals on Saturday, on the road. Here's what you need to know.

Postgame Poll: Kings Win! Back to back WCFs? Yes!


Kings win 2-1, our hearts explode with happiness

Postgame Poll: On to Game Seven


Vent, speculate, discuss, and share your thoughts here. We'll get you yet, goat boy!

Postgame Poll: Zone time is back! Kings win 3-0!


Remember when the Kings used to win like this all the time? This was fun!

Postgame Poll: Come On, Get Cranky


The Kings open Game 4 with an awful period, fall further behind in the second, fall victim to a quick whistle, and can't make up for it despite outshooting the Sharks 14-2 in the final frame. Back...

Postgame Poll: How does victory feel?


Gracias, Kings.

Playoff Scenarios: Who Do You Want Facing LA?


The Kings will face either the Vancouver Canucks, the St. Louis Blues, or the San Jose Sharks in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. How can each matchup happen? We break it down.

Poll: Should the Kings kick the tires on Redden?


The defenseman had been buried for years in the AHL by the because of his pricey contract, not for his play. The Rangers have bought him out. McKenzie says the Kings are interested. Tell us whether...

Where Should Craig MacTavish Coach?


Craig MacTavish interviews for vacant Minnesota Wild coaching post [...]  MacTavish has been interviewed by Minnesota Wild general manager Chuck Fletcher for their vacant head coach job. It’s only...

JftC Western Conference Poll Madness (POLLS)


The JftC Western Conference predictions are almost complete, with a level of detail heretofore unseen in human history. There's just a weeeeeee bit of detail missing in the data. So here are a...

Western Conference Polls (4th set)


**** it. I was going to schedule this post for tomorrow, but I'm impatient, so I'm posting now. This is the fourth and last in the series of polls which we will use to generate JftC predictions for...

Western Conference Polls (3rd set)


This is the third set of polls for the JftC Western Conference predictions. In case you're arriving late to the party, we're doing a group prediction for the season, based on a series of...

Western Conference Polls (2nd set)


This is part 2 in our series of polls to determine the JftC group predictions for the 2010-11 Western Conference final standings. Yes, I know the Blue Jackets appear twice and the Oilers don't...

2010-11 Western Conference Predictions (POLL)


I've been trying to come up with a way for the JftC population to make, essentially, a group prediction for the season's final standings. Rather than just throwing every team up in one poll and...

[POLL] Have you heard of...


  This is an old poll (still open) that I thought I would repost since (1) it's summer, and (2) there's a lot more traffic on JftC now, so many members haven't voted. (polls after the jump...)     ...

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