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predictions, projections, musings, ruminations, conjectures, prognostications, pipe-dreams, fantasies, wishlists...

(POLL) Will Kopitar Be a 10-Million-Dollar Player?


With Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane breaking the barrier, we can't help but notice a looming contract in the distance...

Back from Sweden? Sizing Up Bud Holloway


One of the Kings' brightest prospects departed for Sweden two years ago, but a return might be on the horizon. Is he the answer to our left wing troubles? Is he coming at all?

Were the Kings' next playoff home games leaked?


Can we plan our lives now?

My idea of realignment


West Pacific Kings Ducks Sharks Coyotes Avalanche Northwest Canucks Oilers Flames Thrashing Moose Jets Wild Central Blues Blackhawks Blue Jackets Red Wings Stars East Atlantic Flyers ...

Another Philly to Philly West trade rumor


The Hockey News -- Rumor Roundup: Flyers Ready to Shuffle the Deck?  [T]he additional year on Michael Leighton's current contract could make Boucher the odd man out of the Flyers’ goalie tandem. ...

Kings' New Simplified Power Play Revealed!


Wednesday skate update; Richardson update " LA Kings InsiderAfter the skate, Terry Murray said that the Kings would — wait for it — alter their power-play structure (in terms of setup, not...

Arranging Payback for Erik Cole: a CBA question


Erik Cole concussed Drew Doughty with a blind-side shot-to-the-head. Despite all sorts of rules to punish this act, no suspension was assessed. And the Kings only play Carolina once this year, so...

The Kings' Five Burning Questions


on the SBN NHL front page.

Los Angeles Kings 2010-11 Season Preview


  I wrote what I thought was a stupendously brilliant and exhaustive Kings season preview that would have undoubtedly redefined blogging as we know it, had the SBN editing interface not eaten the...

JftC Western Conference Predictions are in!


To recap, I decided we would poll the population to come up with a single "group" prediction for the Western Conference standings. We ran some polls. It got slightly out of hand. I believe there...


Goal Targets and Crazy Talk


Since the lock-out, no team with an even-strength goal differential of +14 or better has missed the playoffs. In that span, the Kings' differentials have been +1, -44, -33, -31 and +16 (that's the...

Greene's Injury Changes the Summer Plan


Matt Greene is out for 3-4 months. Maybe this means he'll be back in November. He's not going to be up to speed (Greene speed, that is) until January. So what, if anything, does his absence mean...

Roster Quickie


A few weeks ago, I grew a very long decision tree of roster possibilities, which is still down there if you scroll far enough. I just wanted to post a revised line-up projection, assuming that...

Irrational Non-Binding Kings Roster Musings


Because that's what you're supposed to do in July. Not this other nonsense.

Revisiting (my) Pre-Season Targets


Last summer, I decided that the Kings needed to score 245 goals in order to make the playoffs: Note to Self: predictions for 09/10 If the Kings manage 245 goals for and 230 goals against, they...

What I predicted and what happened


This was a month ago: Baseless Predictions - Jewels From The Crown I got bored, so I looked at everyone's schedules and played out the rest of the season in my mind. Here's the final standings in...

Oh and by the way...


What did I say, for the last several months, would be the number of points you'd need to get into the playoffs? And what was Colorado's final tally?

Kings' First Round Opponent is... (post-loss update)


Okay, get ready for a mind-numbing chart of possible outcomes. There are five participants. The Kings, Nashville, Detroit, Chicago and San Jose. Detroit and Chicago play each other tomorrow. The...

Playoff Match-Ups 100% Settled in the West!


The Kings will open the playoffs on the road against (in descending order of likelihood) the Vancouver Canucks, Phoenix Coyotes, San Jose Sharks or Chicago Blackhawks. The Nashville Predators will...

Baseless Predictions


All utterly fictional and pointless.

Who thought Moulson could do that?


There's a post from Rich Hammond today about the friendship of Jonathan Quick and Matt Moulson, which has granted me an opportunity for self-aggrandizing navel-gazing. Rich says, "It wasn't easy to...

RudyKelly's 2011-12 Los Angeles Kings


Two Kings blogs face off on the future. Or something equally catchy.

A Kings Fan's Guide to Panic


Know how and when to lose your mind.

Kings Have 21 Games to Get 18 Points


Unless you think 96 points won't be enough...

Getting Back On The Tracks


The Los Angeles Kings come back from the 2010 Vancouver Olympic break with 4 out of 5 athletes getting medals. The next week has the Kings playing three games and the trade deadline comes into affect.

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