Penner Reflections


  Lombardi not fan of our Dustin Penner, either | Edmonton Journal If Dustin Penner thought he and Craig MacTavish were a marriage made in  hell here, how about Los Angeles Kings’ GM Dean...

Now, about Penner's beer league softball status


  Dean Lombardi’s respect for Dustin Penner | Blog Archive | Houses of the Hockey | Blogs | The title of this post is somewhat misleading, seeing as Kings GM Dean Lombardi appears to...

Cake Show Steve continues to make Sharks fans look like expletives


Part one of my response to the Blades of Teal's eulogy of the Kings is here. Little did I know that he also ran a "director's cut" of the same post, which also requires some, well, you'll see... T...

Eulogy: Remembering the 2010-11 San Jose Sharks


I actually don't have a problem with the actual Sharks. At least, not like I have a problem with this: Eulogy: Remembering the 2010-11 Los Angeles Kings - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports By...

[UPDATE] Kings have almost never this - Sharks have slightly less never that


Kings in Game 6s: 11-5  11-6 Sharks in Game 6s: 3-13 4-13 Kings in Game 6s at home: 9-2 9-3 Sharks in Game 6s on the road: 2-7 3-7 Twice Three times, the Kings have lost 3 OT games in a single...

I summarily reject all anti-Penner B.S.


I've been reading comments in the usual places that Penner is "a bust," "lazy" etc., and I think that has more to do with the impatience, short-attention span and ignorance (and toddler...

"I'm sorry, but you've got to not want to call that to not make a call on the play."


That's the work of Brian Hayward, Poet Laureate of the Anaheim Ducks broadcast team. He's referring to a non-call of too-many-men against Dallas in their game against Anaheim tonight. This is what...

Is Vancouver the best team since the 1977 Canadiens?


No. And I'm tempted to end this post right here. But I should probably explain. I was watching NHL On the Fly last night after the Kings/Canucks game. Heidi Androl was guest-anchoring, or whatever...

Emergency? It's Only a Flesh Wound!


Schenn headed back to L.A. Kings? Don't press panic button, Blades fans Saskatoon Blades centre Brayden Schenn was surprised to learn Saturday that he'd been a topic of discussion on Hockey Night...

Tom Benjamin is Wise -- headache remedies, etc.


  Dialing It Back : Tom Benjamin's NHL Blog :: CanucksCorner.comMore than a few pundits have suggested that a violence tipping point has been reached in the aftermath of the Max Pacioretty injury....


I have a question or three about tie-breakers


We coming down to the wire, and it's at least possible that we'll see a three- or even four-way tie in the West. For that reason, I have been working on an excel chart to track the different...

But can't all head-shots ALREADY be penalized?


Good article on ProHockeyTalk, which brings up for me my old hobby horse, the rule book. Will the NHL eventually make all hits to the head illegal? | ProHockeyTalkWhile ESPN’s Scott Burnside...

In Other News, 1 = 2


Greatest stat of all time | Habs Inside/OutEric Hornick, statistician on New York Islanders home telecasts since 1982, shares this wonderful only-in-the-NHL stat with members of the Society for...

Ken Dryden Speaks the Truth


Must read. Follow the link. I clipped a lot out.  Ken Dryden on hockey violence: How could we be so stupid? - The Globe and MailThe brain weighs about three pounds. It floats [...], surrounded by...

Note to LA Times: It helps if you know what to look for


"More yawns than yells" - Chris Foster - LA TIMES [...] Penner's biggest contribution [to Thursday's game] was to stand still. It's called a screen. It involves standing directly in front of...

Witless trade "idea" of the day


Los Angeles Kings: Brayden Schenn, Alex Ponikarovsky, and Brandon Kozun | NHL Trade Rumors: 10 Possible Deals Calgary Flames Could Get For Jarome Iginla | Bleacher ReportBrayden Schenn is going...



We've all had the feeling that we want to scream irrational nonsense at the oblivious TV, but most of us don't bother to type it up and hit send.

Sometimes People Misspeak


Darren Pang's Gaffe Reveals Hockey's Racial Divide Darren Pang is one of the most respected hockey analysts in the NHL. But his Freudian slip on TSN (thanks to the GetReal Hockey blog for catching...

Not that It Matters, But I Can Prove His Stick is Lower Than the Crossbar


First up, the ref's view at the exact moment Smyth's stick contacts the puck. Slightly closer, same lousy view (if you're the ref): Now, two captures of the tip. Note the (slightly downward)...

12 flavors of stupid?


When I read Down Goes Brown's tweet regarding an MSM column that he characterized as "twelve different flavors of stupid," of course I immediately sought it out. DGB is uniquely hilarious and has...

New Rules Same as the Old Rules


...especially in the sense that they appear have been written by half-wits. NHL Rule Book - Summary of changes - - Rules25.4 Awarded Goals - During the Course of a Penalty Shot - A goal...

Note to Nuts


If you go batsh*t insane that NHL officials are conspiring to make Vancouver lose, and then Vancouver wins, aren't you in some very real (if only karmic) sense, barred from celebration? Don't you...

Note to William Houston: If you say "I feel so badly," you are an idiot


Mr. Houston's Opus - Pension Plan Puppets From: William HoustonTo: PPP Oh, I've been taking shots at friends of yours. Oh noooo. I feel so badly [sic]. Truth is, you're a pathetic piece of shit...

Kings Fans Fail Reading Comprehension


Sent back to retake "Learn to Speak Murray 101"

The First Meaningful Games the Kings Have Played in Eight Years


If you want to know why this is happening now, that's why. The franchise has not played a meaningful game since 2002. I guess I should say won a meaningful game, since I'm ignoring the catastrophic...

How Do I Know the Kings aren't on Steroids?


Because they make you (1) over-confident, with a sense of invincibility and (2) hyper-aggressive. See what I mean? But this is probably a good time to underline the following: [oh, and here's the...

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