Late Tuesday: The Good, the Bad, and What You Want Tomorrow [Results and Real Standings]


Tonight's Results The Good: MIN lost, DAL lost, NAS half-lost. The Bad: SJS won, in OT. The Doesn't Matter: VAN won, EDM won.  Tomorrow's Games LAK @ CBJ - er, go Kings! MIN @ CHI (on Versus)...

Kings Fans' Guide to Not Freaking Out (The Real Western Conference Standings)


The Kings are 6-0-2 in their last eight games, which is of course reason for much rejoicing. I've detected, in the commentosphere, a certain frustration -- actually, Jim Fox even voiced this last...

Behold! The Beauty of Points-Blown! (FREE INSIDE: the Real Western Conference Standings!)


For those of us obsessively scoreboard watching in January and February, the last couple of day's worth of games (San Jose winning twice, Dallas or somebody with the loser point, etc.) might have...

Monday's King-Centric Results


Over the weekend, I listed the following important games leading up to the Kings playing the Penguins Thursday night. I added the results of the first four games, in bold. STL @ TBL (Sunday) [...

Kings Don't Play For Five Days, But --


-- we can still win if our rivals lose. Here are 14 big games between now and then. STL @ TBL (Sunday) EDM @ NSH (Monday) CHI @ CGY  COL @ PHX SJS @ WAS (Tuesday) STL @ FLA  CBJ @ PIT SJS @ CBJ...

Nine Teams, Five Spots - The Real Western Conference Standings


Q OFF.   PTS W% PRJ PB to94 GP W 1 1 VAN 75 0.721 118 29 8-19-3 52 31 2 2 DET 68 0.680 112 32 12-17-3 50 29 3 3 DAL 65 0.637 105 37 13-15-3 51 26 4 4 NAS 61 0.598 98 41 ...

Ten Teams / Five Spots - Seeds 4-8 in the West


Last Night's Games: The Good: Blues, Preds and Stars lost; no Bettman points; Kings won. The Bad: Avs won.  Tonight's Games: ***ANA @ CBJ (rooting for CBJ in regulation) ***MIN @ CHI (rooting...

And, since 11/14/2010, the worst team in the conference is...


RECORD SINCE 11/14/2010       PTS W% 1 DAL 20-6-5 45 0.726 2 VAN 19-6-5 43 0.717 3 CHI 16-9-2 34 0.630 4 NSH 18-10-3 39 0.629 5 DET 17-9-5 39 0.629 6 COL 16-9-5 37 0.617 7 P...

The only standings that matter


In recognition of the fact that the Kings have played themselves into a nail-biting playoff race, I've simplified the "real" (a.k.a. "points-blown") standings. Here's all you need to know. If...

The Real Western Conference Standings -- Hawks really aren't that much better than Oilers Edition


Q OFF.   GP W L WSO OTL PTS W% PRJ W%* PRJ* GB PS +/- PB to95 1 1 DET 18 13 3 0 2 28 0.778 128 0.722 118 0 7 8 30-27-7 2 2 LAK 19 10 6 3 0 26 0.684 112 0.684 112 -2 3 12 31-25-7 3...

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