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"That Little Gnat" (to quote Nick Nickson) attempts comeback (I'm perversely interested...) - via TSN/Dreger

Sources tell TSN Theoren Fleury is attempting a comeback and wants to play in the NHL again.After playing senior hockey last season, Fleury decided in February he was fit enough to give the NHL...

From The Globe and Mail: a little Lombardi quote that means nothing in the scheme of things

"The thing is too, clearly left wing was our biggest hole. We still have holes in the middle, but we just could not – Hexy and I, as much as you're tempted and you're frustrated and you get...

From Working the Corners (it's a Sharks blog): it turns out Kings fans aren't the only ones who do this??!!

I’m not going to get all hot and bothered because the Sharks haven’t altered the core group by July 9. Last year people were spitting blood in here because Doug Wilson did nothing on July 1....

NHL Teams Hunt for Talent in a Frenzied Bazaar - WSJ.com

Since most traditional hockey stats focus solely on offensive production, a better way to measure all-around talent is to pinpoint the players who are most important to their teams. To do this, we...

Breaking Down the Marian Hossa Signing - Second City Hockey

The Bad: Well - the cap situation is even more of a mess. That shit ain't good. I thought they'd only be offering a one-year deal to anyone since next year is going to be Salary Cap Doomsday with...

Bitter split? Havlat leaves Chicago for Wild, promises 'real story' - Puck ... - NHL - Yahoo! Sports

Martin Havlat(notes) has agreed to be the historically fragile offensive talent to replace another historically fragile offensive talent for the Minnesota Wild, signing a six-year, $30 million...

HockeyBuzz.com - Matthew Barry - KINGS FANS NEED TO CALM THE HELL DOWN

Several teams have left themselves ripe for raiding: How does Chicago pay for Kane and Towes and Keith who are RFA’s next year, not to mention Versteeg and Seabrook? Who does Calgary dump? 40...

In light of today's events, I looked up my old post: Can you afford to sign Hossa?

[NOTE: some of the musings are out of date; I am not updating anything other than to throw some highlighting on the Chicago stuff and I am adding one editorial comment in a big blue font; you have...

Thank Goodness for the Heat-Lie - The Copper & Blue

Thank Goodness for the Heat-Lie - The Copper & Blue.

Free Agent Day: The Foreplay - Second City Hockey

10:38: It's official, The Children of The Corn are staying at GM Place, and we can look forward to another playoff disappearance from them for years to come. via Free Agent Day: The Foreplay -...

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