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Losing Streak Ended!


Original post date: Tuesday, October 16, 2007Finally!! The Kings broke their terrible losing streak giving them two much-needed points while killing the Wild's GAA numbers. It is no longer .808 or...

"I Don't Really Like You Today"


Original post date: Tuesday, October 23, 2007It was basically an annihilation of the Preds tonight. 6 unanswered goals in about the most comical game I've seen in a long time. So here are the...

The Shot That Won The Game


Original post date: Sunday November 11, 2007If you think I'm referring to Anze's game-winning goal in OT, you are incorrect. I'm talking about the shot that KingsCast bought me during the second...

Kings 2, Coyotes 4


Before I go into the game tonight, I'd like to give a shout out to all of the people driving north on the 110. Fuck you very much! Why were so many goddamn people on the freeway at 6pm on a...

Up And (Like a Dinosaur) Roaring To Go (PT)


Player Transactions:- Kyle Calder is out with a broken finger & John Zeiler has been recalled (March 21).- The Kings primary affiliate, the Manchester Monarchs, sign Josh Kidd (D) to an Amateur...

Wow! That Kinda Sucked!


The Aves were in town and I honestly thought this was gonna be an easy win for the Kings. WOW, was I wrong. After 5 unanswered goals, the Kings lose 5-2. Let's take a little trip down memory lane,...

Year-In-Review – 24 – Michal Handzus & Jeff Giuliano


I feel the same way Michal Handzus signed with the Kings last summer for four (4) years at $4 million per with a no-trade clause. Apparently he was brought in to be the 2nd line center but was...

Kings Beat Carolina Hurricanes 4-3 in Overtime


For the second game in a row the Kings bring some excitement to Staples Center by ending the game against the Carolina Hurricanes in dramatic fashion. After the first goal of the game that got the...

Is This Really Happening?: Kings 3, Stars 2


Four wins in a row? I'm still watching the Kings right? According to ESPN, the last time the Kings have had this long of a winning streak was back in October of 2007. A bit lame, but, hey, I'll...

Los Angeles Is Burning And Preds Win; Predators 3, Kings 1


The Nashville Predators rolled into Staples Center as Los Angeles was engulfed in flames. I was very happy to be in a setting where there wasn't ash floating through the air and where my lungs...

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