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"I Don't Really Like You Today"


Original post date: Tuesday, October 23, 2007It was basically an annihilation of the Preds tonight. 6 unanswered goals in about the most comical game I've seen in a long time. So here are the...

Kings 3, Oilers 4


I'm not exactly mad at the outcome of this game. The Kings only get one point as they are snuffed on the shootout by Mathieu Garon. The Oilers grab two points and the Kings take home one. But let's...

Ringing In The New Year With A Blowout!


Pre-Game:- The Kings host the Chicago Blackhawks and I'm pretty excited to see Kane and Toews. During the pre-game warmup, I'm at the Chicago end right up against the glass taking pictures, and all...

More Ice Time For Raitis Please!


Dear Marc Crawford:This is a request for more ice time to be given to Ivanans. Because, really I’m tired of dudes taking cheap shots at Kopi. Brownie and Sully definitely have that air about them...

Roadtrip Game 1 - Kings 2, Flyers 3 (PT)


As I nervously drive home from work, I'm refraining from listening to the game on the radio because I just want to sit down and start the DVR. I heart my DVR. Note to self: do not text with K...

On The Road Again - Clouts In Net (For 2 Periods)


Pre-game:- Is there anyone out there watching the Kings at the Jobbing Dot Com arena?- Dan Cloutier is in net as so is Bryz.- I will update after each period.1st Period:- Cammy's back in the line...

Scoring By Committee


With the Kings in their second to last game of the season facing the Sharks, I thought this was going to be another game in this 82-game schedule that would have a predictable ending. The Sharks...

Kings 2, Ducks 3


I'm not going to begin this game re-cap with the rage I was feeling at the end of the game. Rather, I'll let the rage build up to the Kings loss tonight.Pre-game- I was skeptical with watching this...

Kings In The 2008 World Championships


The World Versus Kopi Anze Kopitar is getting much deserved attention at the World Championships because, let's face it, to the North American audience, he's the only player on Team Slovenia who...

Kings In The 2008 World Championships Part II


Canadians Own The Latvians But is this surprising? Of course not. On Sunday, May 4th, Team Canada played keep away with the Latvians while scoring 7 goals in the process. Pascal LeClaire held off...

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