This Week in Kings

This Week in Kings (4/16/14)

The Regular Season is Dead. Long Live the Regular Season.

This Week in Kings (4/7/14)

I could get used to this "pointless last few weeks of a season" thing.

This Week in Kings (3/31/14)

Literally nothing to complain about. Except the Sharks, I guess.

This Week in Kings (3/25/14)

A day late because I was busy being a fanboy. *squeals for Jeff Carter*

This Week in Kings (3/17/14)

When did they bring back ties?

This Week in Kings (3/10/14)

Regression is the master of our lives. Let's all get back to the mean!

This Week in Kings (3/3/14)

Win-ning str-eak?

This Week in Kings (2/10/14)

Robyn Regehr scoring a game-winning OT goal is pretty much the perfect way for this strange and stupid Kings team to head into the Olympic break.

This Week in Kings (2/3/14)

At least we won a game.

This Week in Kings (1/27/14)

tl;dr version: loss, loss, loss, OUTDOORS!loss


This Week in Kings (1/20/14)

Live from Boston! Not that it really makes any difference where someone is writing a blog from, I guess.

This Week in Kings (1/13/14)

In tribute to the Kings getting exactly half of their available points, here's a mediocre half-effort!

This Week in Kings (1/6/14)

The Road Trip From Hell comes to a merciful end, but luckily the Kings had some old friends waiting for them back in Los Angeles.

This Week in Kings (12/30/13)

There were only two games and the Kings lost them both. Let's just get this over with.

This Week in Kings (12/23/13)

The memorial service for Tomas Hertl's Calder candidacy starts at 3 pm sharp, with refreshments to be served several minutes later: the tears of Sharks fans. And let's just say the MC is the bee's knees. Don't miss it!

This Week in Kings (12/16/13)

Yes, I know it isn't actually December 16th. It's called "creative license", kids. And, uh, I use it a few more times in this post too, so strap yourselves in.

This Week in Kings (12/9/13)

I guess that loss to Calgary last week wasn't the end of LA's season after all, you guys. How about that?

This Week in Kings (12/2/13)

Oh my god did this week ever suck.

This Week in Kings (11/25/13)

The Kings played 3 games, lost 2 of them, and yet still ended up with 66.6% of their available points. Thanks Bettman!

This Week in Kings (11/18/13)

The Kings were on a four-game road trip that took them right through my backyard, and you best believe I stalked them (almost) the whole way through. Relive their highly successful week with a bonus live perspective!

This Week in Kings (11/11/13)

It was a quiet week in Los Angeles, featuring only two games, but the Kings won both of them! Yeah! Now let's lament the Kings'....terrible Veyte: playing in the Pacific Division.

This Week in Kings (11/4/13)

Our weekly recap of everything Kings and the Pacific Division has moved to Mondays, so this week you get eight days for the price of seven! YEAH!

This Week in Kings (10/27/13)

Looking back at the week that saw a rightful King take his throne.

This Week in Kings (10/20/13)

The Kings, Oilers, and Canucks all go east (young man), the Sharks finally lose, and Ryan Getzlaf is still bald. The week that was.

This Week in Kings (10/13/13)

Quick scores on himself, Hertlmania runs wild, a couple of mean men get suspended, and the Oilers still suck. THINGS HAPPENED~

This Week in Kings (10/6/13)

"You know what would be really cool? If someone did a weekly recap of the Kings and the Pacific Division, so I could get all the news and games from last week in one article!" said no one. But you're getting one anyway. Deal.

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