Too Much Free Time

Kings Links: Muzzin Stays, Kitsyn Joins


The Kings signed Jake Muzzin to a 2yr/2m contract. They also signed Russian prospect Maxim Kitsyn. Elsewhere, the Edmonton Oilers added another skilled forward to their lineup.

Why Hasn't Dustin Penner Been Signed (By Anyone)?


We're on Day 6 of free agency, and Dustin Penner remains an unrestricted free agent. Here's (possibly) why.

JftC iPhone app!


The SB Nation iPhone app is now available in the App Store. And it's free, except for Ducks fans, who have to pay the standard prohibitive Ducks-fan penalty. Now you can stay on top of all the...

Whose system is this anyway?


Dean Lombardi used Terry Murray's system to evaluate Brian Boyle, Matt Moulson and Teddy Purcell, each of whom was dismissed because they couldn't do what they had always been able to do well...

Somebody else's thoughts on somebody else's system


Bourne Blog: Lightning can’t become slaves to their system - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports I'm not sure if this has been mentioned by anyone else or not, but Guy Boucher likes his team to...

Lombardi Evaluation Evaluation


Evaluation: Dean Lombardi " LA Kings Insider The good: In terms of drafting the development of young players, Lombardi’s tenure has been a success. He has brought in players such as Drew Doughty, A...

"Fat Goalie Fallacy" and "Hockey Luvin' Homos" export hockey to the political pages


Pretty much the last place I expect to find hockey content is Andrew Sullivan's political blog The Daily Dish. Nevertheless, Google Reader delivered not one, not two, but three hockey posts. "...

Becoming a lefty.


Left-Handed Shots in Hockey (and of course they got the story wrong) - Behind The Net There was a piece in the San Jose Mercury News yesterday on left-handed shots in hockey. Some insight: "...

In the West: How many points will it take?


Is there a psychic in the house? " LA Kings InsiderWhat is the magic number of points needed to make the playoffs in the Western Conference? Right now, it’s on track to be 97. For a while, the...

All-Time All-Kings All-Stars: Rosters and Lines for the NHL 11 Challenge (a.k.a. The Bob Miller Cup)


This is part two or three in a series, depending on where you start counting. First we ran a fantasy draft, with GMs me, Rudy and Niesy. Then we posted the results in a pretty chart. Now each GM...


Final Results of the All-Kings All-Time All-Star Draft


Over All-Star Weekend, Rudy, Niesy and I did our own Kings fantasy draft. Any player with at least one game in a Kings uniform was eligible. Rudy selected first, Quisp (me) second, Niesy third....

All-Time All-Kings All-Stars All-Mock Draft


In honor of this weekend's new All-Star game format, the preceding mock draft on NHL Network, I thought it would be fun to have a mock draft of our own. As this is a Kings site, we will limit it to...

Kings Reserve List (2011 Update)


"50 contract limit" - a team must have between 27 and 50 players under contract. There are some funky rules related to this, the main ones being that players playing in Europe (e.g. Fransson) and...

Kings Midterm Teacher Evaluations (grading the grades)


Not really. I wouldn't presume. It's just easier for me to make sarcastic comments about someone else's grades, than to do my own. Or is it? In any case, here are some bits of Rudy's evaluation,...



Christmas Eve, 2009 Dean Lombardi is in the driver's seat. He has a license and has driven many miles. We sit in the back seat and shout out instructions, and we don't even know how to drive. Dean...

So Far So...What?


We're at the end of the second "chapter" of the schedule, as we laid it out in the pre-season. Good time to take a look at how the Kings are doing in relation to my non-binding targets. O...

4 down, 78 to go: random first impressions on the first 2 weeks of 2010-11


The Kings are in the middle of one of those awful four-days-without-hockey breaks. They never play well after those. I hate time off. More games please. Undefeated Toronto, Dallas, who else?...

Overwritten Kings' Schedule Break-Down


  This is a self-indulgent, ridiculous exercise in micro-management, and it could be rendered moot at any point by unforeseen plot twists, including the fairly high likelihood that teams will not...

I love this so much: Hitchcock asks Babcock if he can intern (well, basically)


Ken Hitchcock helping out at Red Wings camp | | Detroit Free Press Figuring that there’s no such thing as too much hockey knowledge, coach Mike Babcock gladly said yes when Ken Hitchcock...

Kings Count Down(s)


1 day till rookie camp (9/11-9/13, El Segundo). 1 day till Hockey Fest (9/11, El Segundo). 4 days till the Kings vs. Yotes rookie scrimmage (9/14, Phoenix). 8 days till training camp (9/18, El...

Jewels from the Garage #5: Blasts from the Past


The Bure at the Beach card from this morning's post reminded me that I had a bunch of these time capsules to dig up. Continuing with the surf and turf theme, we start with the Rangers. We'll also...

SBN Mock Expansion Draft: The Mock Kings Hereby Mock Protect...


  The results of the poll are in. There is one significant difference between what I would have done and what the membership has chosen, but we'll leave that for the comments to debate. Without...

SBN Mock Expansion Draft - Kings Protected List


In the spirit of making the time between now and October pass as quickly as possible, SBN is doing a mock expansion draft, which you can read about, in its full glory, here. The idea is, poll...

My Idea to "Settle" Ties is Still the Best


I've said it a few times before, but since the league is looking at rule changes this week, it bears repeating. Here's how you fix the tie/Bettman-point issue: Get rid of the Bettman point. Get...

More Hockey Cards from the Time Capsule


Let's start with young Peter Forsberg. Nice jersey. Niklas Lidstrom, Canada Cup, 1991. Had not yet played an NHL game. Pavel Bure, also pre-NHL. Name these three kids. Two nice rookie cards....

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