(POLL) Alec Martinez to LW: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Darryl Sutter mentioned today that Alec Martinez might get a look at left wing. Thoughts? Plus, Sutter shuffles the lines again, and this time, he might keep them that way.

Kings-Stars Venting Thread and Crowd-Sourced Recap

After watching two dreary periods and one awful one, I took requests for tonight's recap. Vent with us in the comments. Chime in with your Twelve Goats of the Game!

Hockey Gods claim another victim: Martinez to IR

As a third defensman goes down, fans search for new ways to avert divine wrath.

NBC's first day of NHL coverage screws the West

NBC's "Regional hockey coverage" plan ended when the CHI/LAK broadcast suddenly switched to Flyers/Penguins in the third period. That meant most of the country couldn't watch the game. Then the live stream went. Sorry about that watch party, guys!

NHL Lockout: When Did Lost Seasons Become Normal?

The NHL was the first to lose a whole season to a lockout. Now, the NHL might become the first league to lose two. When did we begin to get used to this madness?


[This post originally posted on March 21, 2011.] What is your preferred jersey? " LA Kings InsiderThis has been a very poorly kept secret, but the Kings are likely to change their primary uniforms...

Note to Kings Management: PLEASE DON'T DO THIS

[This post originally appeared on January 17, 2011.] NHL JerseyWatch 2011 - Blog - icethetics.infoApparently the Kings intend to toss out everything and go back to the drawing board in 2011....

BREAKING: Green Men Upgraded; Eager's behavior explained

  Woman flashes breasts during Canucks-Sharks telecast - The Vancouver Canucks have issued a statement after a woman flashed her breasts during Wednesday night’s game against San...

So I went to the archives to prove all the whiners are wrong

...unfortunately... Damn interwebs!

Thank you, sir, may I have another?

Look. Some of us pay to watch hockey. One of the things we require is that all of the rules are disclosed. Even my seven year-old knows you can't play a game if you don't know the rules. Even my seven year-old knows that the kid who keeps pulling secret rules out of his [hat?] is a cheater or a bully or both.


The Thankless Role of NHL Ambassador

NHL needs to pay Wayne Gretzky, reestablish prominent relationship with star - ESPN The NHL playoffs began this week, and for the second consecutive postseason the question of why Wayne Gretzky...

Calling Puck Daddy: What Is Quick Doing in This Picture?

I think we both know. 

Kings' Heidi Androl interviews Kings' Corey Perry after OT goal in Kings' Victory over -- wait, what??

  Heidi Androl - Los Angeles Kings - Team -- LA Kings Official Website Now in her third season as the female face of the Los Angeles Kings and the Manager of Production for Kings Vision, she...

How the new protocol could lead to more head-shots

Unless you think the culture of hockey has changed overnight, teams are going to use every strategic advantage the rules provide. And in that context, The unintended consequence of the new protocol is likely to be a substantial increase in head-shots.

In Other News: Give Me a ******* Break

Zdeno Chara's hit under investigation by Montreal police - ESPN Montreal police started a criminal investigation Thursday into the on-ice hit by Boston defenseman Zdeno Chara that left the...

I Wish I Had Said That

Today: Helene Elliott - Newest King Dustin Penner likes what he sees in Los AngelesDustin Penner ended his last postseason experience by hoisting the Stanley Cup as a member of the Ducks in 2007. ...

How to Get Clicks: "Kings Chasing Brad Richards?" (click) "No."

[UPDATE: Sorry, no. Look closer. It says "how to get clicks," not "how to get chicks." UPDATE-UPDATE: No, the purpose of the update is not to get clicks from people googling "chicks."] Daily...

NOTE TO ESPN: aggregating other people's blogs under one roof without permission or attribution is not blogging (I use Google Reader for that -- it's free!)

  You might not know this, but ESPN has a Kings blog. I didn't know until it started showing up in my Google news "alerts." In fact, this might be the first post I've read. Kings/Ducks: Much at...

Now TWO people say Dean Lombardi "dithers" -- what are the odds?

An article in a major newspaper discusses the NHL trade deadline. It marvels at the alacrity and effectiveness of Penguins' GM Ray Shero. Which it then compares to the "dithering" of Dean Lombardi....

Helene Elliott Loses (more) Patience with Dean Lombardi

Trading deadline gets general managers going, or in case of Kings, not going - latimes.comA general manager identifies a need for a productive left winger. He decides to trade a valuable asset to...

Weird, I just noticed "Inside the Kings" blog is live again

There have been new blog posts at Rich Hammond's old site, the first one being on January 28, after 17 months of hibernation. I don't think I'm the only one who didn't know this, because there...

Do you get the feeling Johnson and Murray don't agree?

[hat-tip Jack Handy] Kings: Mitchell and Johnson have opposing views following latest loss - Los Angeles Los Angeles Hockey Blog - ESPN Los Angeles[...] Willie Mitchell thought the Kings took a...

What the Hell Just Happened?

In the last quarter century, the Kings have only gone 12-19-1 in seasons that are disasters. They don't do it in seasons where everything turns out all right in the end. 1996 was the end of the Gretzky era. 2003 was the first of seven playoff-free seasons. What's happening now doesn't happen to Kings teams on the way up, but on the way down.

What Should the Kings Do and When Should They Do It

You have an infection in your foot; you don't want to lose your foot; you assume that antibiotics and other treatments will save your foot, because that frequently happens to feet; but there is a point beyond which you have to amputate the foot, no matter how attached you are to it, no matter the plans you made that depended on having feet. The foot is the season.

I looked to the history books to find a worse run of Kings' games

12-19-1, our current run, is the record to beat. As far as I can tell, and I am pretty bleary-eyed from fatigue and anger, the Kings have not put together 32 games this crappy in eight years. Not...

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