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Hidden Gems - 9 - This Is AMAZING

Warning - This post takes us into enemy territory: San Jose Sharks

I just have to say that this is AMAZING. I have found the greatest thing....ever. Behold: Marcel Goc's blog over on the Sharkies official website. Now...don't ask me why they chose Goc for this job, but trust me, it's well worth the couple minutes to read some of his entries. This specific one is titled "Back Pain, Thanksgiving and Ernte Dank Fest." I thought it was appropriate since the holiday of stuffing ourselves is looming on the horizon.

Goc (whose picture is fantastic) is from Germany and, you know, his English is passable. So it's understandable that his written English isn't perfect. I guess it has a quasi-endearing effect in that it hasn't been proofed before being put on the web. But whatever. In this particular post he notes that Germany doesn't have a Thanksgiving day, but that he does enjoy our highly commercialized holiday.

I do like Thanksgiving here. You get to eat a lot and I always eat a lot.

Wow, that's fantastic. As I move on and look at his bio from his player page, I noticed something interesting.

His three wishes: win the lottery, stay healthy and win the Stanley Cup.

Hold it! Back the Cheechoo train up. The lottery? Are you serious? How much are you making right now, Marcel? Let me look...according to, Mr. Goc is making $800,000 this year. Dude, you seriously want to win the lottery? So as I reread this list and remember that your back is hurt, I see that you're 0-3 on your wish list.

Anyway, that's enough of Marcel. I hope everyone has a safe and happy Turkey Day!!