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Letter Of Sorts

You didn’t think this blog was going to go without quasi-saluting Mr. J.R., did you? I felt it was necessary since he did grace our fair-weather city with his…..presence. This letter (and man) needs no introduction.

Dear Jeremy Roenick, (See, I can be nice.)

I’m happy that you found your niche after the debacle in the desert and the atrocity in Hollywood. It always feels good to be part of team that is gellin like Magellan. I personally know what it’s like to be a part of team that is not working as a cohesive unit and it has the ability to present situations of frustration that have, on more than one occasion, brought me to angry tears. Even though our sports are different, the whole idea of a team structure is one and the same. (And by being a coxswain on a collegiate men’s crew team for 3 years, I’m oddly curious to know if your locker room potty talk can rival our boathouse potty talk.)

Now on to the reason for my letter. I read this article titled "’New’ J.R. playing like his old self," written by Adam Kimelman, in which you discuss Ron Wilson of the San Jose Sharks giving you a call and asking you for one year. You expressed your excitement about your future with the team in teal with streaks of random orange and were even quoted as saying, "Especially with the talent they have here and the chance they have to win the Stanley Cup."

Once again, I am happy that you’ve found this organization you fit well with, but I’m sorry, JR, I just can’t condone the idea of you winning the Stanley Cup. Not this year, not with this organization. Sure, I wouldn’t have a problem with seeing you FINALLY raise your own Cup, but NOT if it’s with the Sharks. Is there an echo in here? What you and others have done for American hockey cannot be denied and hats off to you, of course. But for me, personally, your hoped-for accomplishment will be terribly overshadowed by the logo on the front of your heinous jersey.

A very sincere "sincerely,"


I made a prediction before the pre-season began this year of who would be the Stanley Cup champions for this year. I’m a self-proclaimed terrible prediction-maker, but I said that it would be Ottawa and anyone but the Sharks in the Finals with Ottawa coming out on top in 5 games. Of course I love my Kings, but to be realistic, I have to look toward Ottawa this year. And when I saw that they were kicking ass (and still are), I realized that maybe a prediction I made might actually come true. Sweet action.