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Mini-Rant - 2 - HAHAHA

I don't think I've laughed for this long in a while. The cause? Why Sean Avery, of course! Did he get in another fight, you ask? Oh no, nothing of the sort...well, at least from what I know. Who knows what the man does away from the rink. But reading Finny's post over at Girl With a Puck about People Magazine almost made me vomit in my mouth...but laugh at the same time.

Apparently People Magazine decided that Sean Avery was one of the 100 Sexiest Men Alive for 2007. Yes, let's all just let that sink in for a bit. Go ahead and click on the link to watch the clip of him actually speaking in full sentences. It's amazing. Amazingly horrific! I would MUCH rather have watched Hank Zetterburg or Ricky DiPietro or Daniel Briere or Martin Havlat or Jason Spezza or Sheldon Souray or Sid the Kid or that guy who rubs baby oil on himself every night, Vinny something? You get the picture? I mean, I'd even take The Dominator, at least that guy has some street cred.

This question they asked him, "How did you get that scar?" Ok, people, it's OBVIOUS where he got the scar. He plays hockey for Christ's sake! Where the hell do you think he got it from, playing with Elisha Cuthbert's Barbie dolls? I think not.

I would REALLY like to know who had the final word in this decision? Was it Gary Bettman??? I'm sorry, Bettman, but the NHL doesn't really need THIS kind of publicity. Can you just stick to fixing the problems that the NHL faces now? THANKS.