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My Star of the Game

Original post date: Friday, October 19, 2007

Is Jack MUTHA FUCKIN Johnson. First goal of his NHL career. Fitting that it should come on the 50th anniversary of Maurice "The Rocket" Richard's 500th goal.

The Kings played well and they were rewarded with the 2 points. But when the first period came to a close, I was worried that that was going to dictate what the rest of the game was gonna be like. But Crawford apparently gave the guys some of Popeye's canned spinach and they ramped it up for the last 40 minutes. I was presently surprised to see my Kings look more hungry as they came off the first drop of the puck in the 2nd. Finally! Some quickness to their legs.

I was so happy that Fro finally got his first goal of the season! I was wondering when it was going to come. He has, what, 5 assists already? Time to add a goal to that stat! Woohoo! I really didn't have any opinions when Cammy tried to get his contract the way he wanted it. I think at that time I was too busy trying to get my ass out of northern California.... yeah... But he's got the most goals in the NHL as of tonight with 8. Fan-freakin-tastic. =)

I will also comment on the fact that I have never seen a goal rewarded like that either. Brownie got taken down while going to the goal on an empty net. When the ref pointed at the goal, I said out loud to no one in particular, "Really???" Vancouver was definitely scrambling in the last minutes and I was basically watching with my hands over my mouth nervous as all hell. They needed this win and I'm STOKED that they were able to close out the game. LaBarbara? Way to go, my friend.

So once again, my star of the game (and apple of my eye) is JMFJ. And really, why does he have so many freaking names?