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Kings 3, Oilers 4

I'm not exactly mad at the outcome of this game. The Kings only get one point as they are snuffed on the shootout by Mathieu Garon. The Oilers grab two points and the Kings take home one. But let's hit the rewind button.

First period:
- Aubin is in net with Jonathan Quick as his backup. Aubin is up against Garon.
- On D, it looks like Crawford has changed those up as well. It's JJ with Blake, Vish with Klemm (now on D), and Modry with Stuart. Looks like Preissing is a scratch.
- Handzus - HIT
- Kings Goal - Kopi (12) throws up a nice wrister at 5:29. Brown finishes a pass to Kopi on the breakout but gets rocked and is taken out of the play. But he grabs an assist and so does Blake and Kopi is now tied with Cammy for goals on the team.
- Zeiler - HIT
- Ivanans - HIT
- Kings have a PP against Torres with a too many men penalty. The Kings got some good opportunities but only get one shot registered.
- Click to the Pat/Ravens game. The Pats are down in the 4th; are the Ravens going to hand them their first loss of the season?
- Klemm gets a holding penalty. The Kings killed it but not well. They weren't able to clear it so the Oilers were able to get some solid shots on Aubin.
- Kopi gets a delay of game penalty.
- Zeiler is clearly making his presence known by being able to be the nagging pest under the oppositions' skin.

End of 1st:
- Interview with Patrick O'Neal and Kopi. Ultimately he doesn't say anything the fans don't already know. The Kings have to play a full 60 minutes. No surprises there.
- Shots on goal: Edmonton gets 9 to Kings 6.

Second Period:
- Don't get to watch until 4 minutes in. Quickly see that Edmonton has scored and that Ivanans took a penalty.
- Tom Brady throws a clutch pass and the Pats are up 26-24.
- Back to the Kings, JJ took the puck all the way into the Oiler zone and to the net but gets pushed off and denied. Nice effort though.
- Ravens' Scott (57) is acting like a freaking baby! The Ravens lose 35 yards because of him. haha! Oh!! Is he crying????
- God! This is the longest 44 seconds of my life! And yes, I don't have control over the remote.
- Back to the game to see a slo-mo replay of Penner's PP goal, which I deem as LAME. Oil up 2-1.
- Oilers get a penalty, The Pats win, and Kraft is happy.
- Kings Goal - Brownie nets it (11) with assist to Cammy and Kopi. A familiar sight. Hear that, KingsCast? The DAM Line actually put up some points.
- Ratti loses his stick but Blake gets involved in the fray and smashes an Oiler down.
- Nagy becomes visible and makes a quick pass to Stuart but is denied!! Garon!! Argh!
- Oiler Goal - Thoresen scores on a redirect due to a sloppy play by the Kings.
- Cammy - HIT
- Kopi - HIT
- Brownie - HIT on open ice.
- Kopi gets a shot off at the buzzer and gets a nice opportunity. No goal, but I like the effort to the end.

End of the 2nd:
- Kings have 13 shots on to the Oilers 10
- The Kings have 13 scoring chances to the Oilers 7, which is good to hear.
- I thought Blake was very involved near the end of this period. He was getting in the scuffles and moving his body around.
- Stat - Brownie leads the league in hits with 100. (He gets 10 from this game, so ends tonight with 110 hits total.)

Third Period:
- Nagy - He hasn't been visible, which is nothing new. But hey! He makes an appearance by taking a holding penalty! Fantastic.
- Brown - Fox mentioned a possible team MVP. I completely agree with this because I think he's shown a ton of consistency from the start of this season. When Cammy and Kopi haven't been able to produce, you could always count on Brown to step it up and take it to the net.
- Zeiler - HIT
- Brownie - HIT knocking the helmet off Pitkanen (and that's a pretty terrible picture)
- 10:54 left - Energy is still high and the Kings are laying on the pressure.
- Oh my lord, Zeiler almost got a goal. hahaha
- The Kings are throwing their weight around but can't get anything out of it.
- 7:30 to go - random thought: How much ice time has Gabe Gauthier gotten this game? I haven't heard his name since the first period. What the f. (and his picture is pretty terrible too) looks like he logged in 7:14 in ice time over 11 shifts.
- 5:56 to go - How did that rush not get converted into a goal???
- Stuart hits Penner and then Penner comes back around and checks Stuart. Conclusion: Penner is quite a large boy. Wasn't he supposed to be losing weight?
- 3:10 left - Kopi makes a beautiful no one. Damn!
- 2:00 left - This isn't looking good. The Kings are down 3-2 and they can't get anything past Garon.
- 1:28 left - BLAKE TAKES IT TO THE NET!!! Omg, I think I felt a small tear trickle down my cheek.
- Upon review the goal is given to Nagy with an assist to Blake at 18:32.

End of 3rd:
- Kings outshoot Oilers 31-21. What I really liked was that the Kings got 12 shots on and held the Oilers to 2.
- I'm impressed with the Kings' play through the whole 60 minutes thus achieving their goal. You can't deny their efforts.

- Sully hits the post
- Brownie straight up pushed Staios to the ice. Was he even paying attention? That knock down seemed way too easy.
- Vish makes a good showing in the five minutes of OT.
- Garon is a beast for these five minutes. Geez.
- Brownie shows off some ridiculous moves!!

End of OT:
- WOW! Hey guys! The Kings decided to show up and try to make something happen in OT!
- Interestingly, the Oilers are 6-0 in shootouts. Ok, how can the worst team in the NHL have the best shootout stat? Stuff like that baffles me.

- For the Kings, no surprises with Cammy, Brownie, and Kopi taking the shots.
- For the Oilers, it's Gagner, Nilssen, and Horcoff.
- First round: Cammy hits the crossbar and it's a no goal call and Gagner scores
- Second round: Brownie shoots wide and Nilssen is stopped
- Third round: Anze is denied by Garon's right leg pad and Horcoff doesn't need to take the shot

End of game:
- Edmonton wins 4-3 and takes home two points. The Kings get one point.
- So when was the last time Cammy, Anze, and Brown ALL got denied in the shootout???
- I can't be too sad with this ending even though it was a loss. The effort was drastically different from Saturday's game, so you can't beat them down for that.