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WJC & One In A Row!!!

Some updates:
- I got DirecTV! SWEET ACTION. Now I won't have to listen to the Kings games on the radio. Nick Nickson and Daryl Evans; I love you guys, but I'm going off to enjoy the games (be in misery) with Bob Miller and Jim Fox.

- Player transactions:
  • John Zeiler was sent back to Manchester.
  • Jon Klemm was recalled.
  • I'm pissed.
- Team Canada - Has been killing it over in the Czech Republic in the WJC.
  • Jonathan Bernier - In the tournament opener (Wed. 26th) he got a shutout (3-0) with 44 saves against the Czech Republic.
  • Thomas Hickey - He's been paired with Luke Sheen (who is draft eligible in 2008) and these two have been building noticeable chemistry. While Sheen may be physically bigger, Hickey has been getting his job done in the corners. This boy's got some sweet moves.
  • Wayne Simmonds - The surprise addition to the roster has been adding needed energy for the bottom lines. At the end of Thursday's game against Slovakia, coach Craig Hartsburg shortened his bench, thus Simmonds saw limited ice time toward the end of the game.
  • Oscar Moller - I can't seem to find much info on Team Sweden, but I'll scour some more...
Team Canada update: Sweden defeats Canada (Sat 29th) ending their 20-game winning streak that began in 2004. Moller scored a power play goal for Sweden ending Bernier's shutout in the third period. Canada falls 4-3 against Sweden.

Kings Game Day:

- So a noon start for the game today? Wack. I would have NOT known this fact unless I'd read RudyKelly's post at BofC. The Kings battled the Aves in Denver.
- Will Ratti play more than 4 minutes and 16 seconds like the last game?
- Jon Klemm is recalled and is a scratch?? What's the point???

1st Period:
I don't see too much difference in the way the Kings come out at the first faceoff from the other games. One thing I DO notice is JJ takes the puck from Aubin's goal line all the way to the Aves' goal line by himself, TWICE. His individual efforts (frustrations) are noticeable.

The Aves get on the board making it 1-0 at 12:35 by Jordan Leopold. Kings have 4 shots on compared to the Aves 13. Damn.

2nd period:
Jim Fox put it best by saying that the Kings are pacing the game how they wanted; slowing the flow and not allowing the Aves to take control. The only exciting part of this period is during the second half with Ratti and McLeod dropping the gloves. With Ratti being 53 pounds heavier than McLeod, I wonder who was the big boy in this fight. They both go off 5 minutes for fighting and continue to jaw at each other from the penalty boxes and their skate to the bench is slow and tense. McLeod gets on the bench and throws as many F-bombs as he can over to Ratti. Ratti is standing there throwing eye daggers back. McLeod stalks off to the locker room getting a 10-minute misconduct. Second period ends.

Shot total: 22 (Aves) - 10 (LA). Aves still up 1-0.

3rd Period:
Pace is still slow. Kopi gets a high stick to the face from Smyth and gets cut on his upper lip but there's no call. Kings Goal by Army (3) at 10:13. Fro moves into the zone first but the puck gets deflected into the air. It goes back to Army who is crossing the blue line; he grabs it out of the air, puts it at his feet, slaps it to the net, and it's tied at 1-1.

2:17 later it's a Kings Goal again by Thornton (3) at 11:30. 3 Aves follow Giuliano behind the net leaving Thornton wide open at the left wing. Manchester Boy stop and pushes it in front of the net; Thornton gets it and puts it past Theodore. Kings up 2-1.

The Kings have scored twice in 2 minutes and 17 seconds on 3 shots. After Army's goal, the Kings pick up the pace of the game and the passing becomes sharper and quicker.

With less than two minutes remaining, Colorado pulls Jose Theodore and gets the extra attacker. Kings Goal by Anze (16) on an empty net.

End of Game:
Kings 3, Avalanche 1. Kings snap their 8-game losing streak. The Kings outshoot the Aves 13-8 in the last period. (Ratti played 9:28 this game.)