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Wow! That Kinda Sucked!

The Aves were in town and I honestly thought this was gonna be an easy win for the Kings. WOW, was I wrong. After 5 unanswered goals, the Kings lose 5-2. Let's take a little trip down memory lane, shall we?

Ahh Staples Center, how I love the bright lights, parking lot dudes with red flags, and bums asking for money while I'm just trying to get inside. And plus, these freaking little kids standing next to the glass and pounding it the whole time during warm ups annoy me. The players aren't gonna look at you and you're just wasting time doing that. Plus you're in my way since I want to take pictures. P.S. climbing onto the small ledge and gripping the top of the glass probably isn't the best idea. As I make my way up to the upper concourse with my bro, I am in a completely agitated state for reasons prior to arriving, so he buys me a shot and a beer to get my ass to calm down. He buys both for himself and the tab is $33. Thanks, AEG!

1st Period:
- Line up for Kings - JJ with Modry and Sully joining Anze and Brownie (Barbs in net) I was SO happy to see Sully on this line; in my eyes, he's been doing noticeably well the past couple of games.
- Line up for Aves - Liles with Finger on D and Hejduk, Stastny, and Smyth (Theodore in net).
- Penalty - Liles called for delay of game.
- Kings Goal - Ivanans (2) and Sully with the assist at 5:20. The Kings actually scored in the first period!
- Preissing - HIT
- Some dude in section 313 won a snowboard during a commercial break. A SNOWBOARD!
- Sully got a nice shot on net, but Kopi wasn't ready for the rebound and lost the opportunity.
- Barbs makes a nice save (as usual).
- BIZARRE - So this was REALLY WEIRD. Aves Karlis Skrastins gets a penalty for hooking and the camera followed him into box, which is normal. He then nonchalantly puts his hand down the front of his jersey and pulls out a makeup compact, which he opens and uses to start powdering his face. WHAT THE FUCK???? (There was NO
- Brownie - HIT
- Zeiler - HIT
- Kings Goal - Kopi (11) with a ridiculous back pass from Sully at 7:12. But this goal would not have happened were it not for Brownie's fore checking.
- Brownie - HIT
- Aves Goal - This was the weakest goal ever! By Stastny from Smyth and Hannan.

End of 1st:
- Kings are up 2-1 with 9 shots on goal to the Aves' 8.
- I thought there were some pretty productive shifts out there making this seem like it was going to be an exciting one up to the last minute.

Second Period:
- Sully - HIT
- So the theme of "stop passing so much and just take the f-ing shot" continues with Sully getting a break with the puck with a man on but no one in between him and Theodore. What does he do? Passes it NO ONE.
- Hilarity from my seat - Some of the players were in a corner digging out the puck and Moulson was in the fray. What does he do to get the Aves player to get the hell outta his way? He just sticks his hand out and pushes the guy down completely off his feet.
- In the second half of the period it started to get a little hectic with a rush from the Kings with some close calls but ending with no goals. Then the rush moves in the other direction by the Aves with nothing for them either. Kind of exciting, kind of stressful. Should this unpredictable play be happening more? I dunno, but it's better than being bored...or annoyed.
- Poll - During commercial break the announcer says to vote to hear a song selected by three Kings players. Gotta text in your vote! (Results at the end of the period)
** Kopi - "Living On A Prayer"
** Cammy - "All Night Long"
** Army - "Rock and Roll All Night"
- Kopi - HIT
- Fight between Stuart and Wojtek Wolski that resulted in a roughing penalty against Stuart at 11:30. You probably could have guessed that this was met with some resounding BOOs.
- The face off for this PK was delayed a little because Handzus skated out to be the 5th man. I guess he forgot the memo of Stuart being in the box. (Follow up in third period)
- There were two Aves fans sitting in the row behind me and my bro, and they yelled "Let's go Aaaaa-ves!" To which we ALL responded with "Aaaa-ves suuuu-ck!" Ahh, good times.
- There was a wraparound attempt by an Aves player, which JJ did a good job shutting down.
- Aves Goal - Henson with assists from some guys.
- Modry - HIT
- Zeiler - HIT
- You know, for so many hits being tossed up in this game, I didn't feel like there was much of a result from them.
- About 8 minutes left in the period it looked like the Kings were in a PK situation for 5 minutes. What the freak. Thank god Barbs was there to save them. Hmm, that sounds familiar, Barbs makes brilliant saves while the team isn't doing a good job protecting him.
- Is this about the point where the Kings start to dwindle? Ratti takes a slashing penalty and the Kings are working the PK. The most painful part about these 2 minutes was when Stuart lost his stick. After an eternity, Sully mans up and give his stick to Stuart. But he's actually unable to clear the puck when it was near him a couple seconds later. That was a stressful two minutes but successfully killed.
- So Cammy's song pick won. I probably would have picked Army's choice, but then again, I haven't heard "Living on a Prayer" in a long time. What would you have voted for?

End of 2nd:
- Score is 2-2. Shots on goal 13 (Kings) to 25 (Aves). A little lopsided, no?
- Those who were not really visible to me: Nagy, Cammy, and....Klemm. Nagy, I don't know what's going on with him and Cammy's just being shut down left and right and can't get anything started. What about Willsie? Scratch.
- My bro and I went to the TeamLA store and bought some stuff, but something that annoyed me was when we were going back to our seats. There was a kiosk thing and one of the guys stopped my bro and asked if we were together and after he says that I'm his sister, the guy is all, "Wait, let me show you something." I have ants in my pants wanting to get back to our seats since the 3rd period has already started. So my bro denies him and we start to quickly walk away and the guy starts calling to me, "Wait! BLAKE! BLAKE!!" Dude, don't call after me if I CLEARLY don't want to buy what you're selling. The more times you call me Blake (because I'm wearing his name on the back of jersey), the more desperate you sound.

Third period:
- We miss the Aves third goal by Smyth while we were running back to our seats and we also miss Stuart getting a penalty.
- There was a pileup on Barbs after a save that didn't look good since he was motionless for a bit, which is obviously never a good sign. Apparently Smyth had run into him in (with a broken stick?) which the Kings wanted a call for spearing? Is this right? Nothing was called, so I don't really know what that was about. But this puts Barbs in the dressing room and Aubin in net.

What do you think Smyth is thinking at this point?

- Brownie - HIT
- Aves' Guite gets called for slashing, which was killed off without too much of a problem except that it looked like Brownie got tripped up and nothing was called. What's the deal ref?? Do you even have your eyes open?
- Brownie - throws up another solid HIT
- But a helmet-less Smyth puts the puck into the net and I am sad.
- Update: it's 4-2 Aves with 7:30 left. The Aves now have 31 shots on and the Kings have 18.
- Aves Goal - Hlinka scores bla bla bla.
- So going back to Handzus accidentally coming onto the ice to be the 5th man when Stuart had taken a penalty. None of the four officials noticed that the Aves had 6 men on the ice. Hey refs! How about calling for too many men!
- Everything the Kings are doing is getting shut down and they're getting sluggish and the Aves are taking advantage of every turnover and loose puck. JJ looses an edge and falls. Zeiler brilliantly throws up a hit into an Aves player who also crushes Moulson. Yeah...and when I say "brilliantly" I hope you know that I was actually very annoyed with that.

End of game:
- Kings 2, Avalanche 5
- Shots on goal - Kings 19 Avalanche 33
- And you know who was a scratch for Colorado? FREAKING JOE SAKIC.

Another loss