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Consistently Inconsistent; Kings 3, Columbus 4

So maybe Crawford shouldn't give the players a day off from practice after a huge blowout. It failed to produce a win tonight and it failed earlier in the season. I'm going with a uber short recap since I took in the game with a friend I haven't seen in about 6 months; we'll call her AG.

Good points from the night:
- AG is now a Kings fan!!!
- Sully is still my Sophomore Stud with a sweet goal from mid-air.
- Good times with KingsCast.

Bad points from the night:
- The lack of energy from the Kings in the first and second period.
- The Blue Jackets complete dominance of the neutral zone. I don't even want to know how any giveaways we had.

Game recap


When you are up on the jumbotron, it is NOT OK to:

1) Make like you're flashing the audience and convulsing like you're on speed
2) Pull the top of your shirt down and grab your boobs
3) Put your hands up in the air and have your shirt not long enough to cover your flabby belly.

That's right, you 3 stupid sluts at the end of the game. This is a fucking family function. Have a little respect for the thousands of people in attendance because you most certainly don't have any for yourself.

I'm done.