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I Guess Brad Stuart Doesn't Suck....

Kings versus the Ducks. Freeway Faceoff = LAME

I stood at the glass during the warmups with my signs. I'm not sure Rob Blake saw my sign for him, but I definitely caught Matt Moulson taking a few peaks. I actually had to use both sides of one posterboard (ghetto-rig it, as I liked to say). Staples is lame and only allows signs UP TO 11x17 in size. Anyhoo, this is me with my signs up for Moulson.

That's right, Moulson. You look at me.

Well, I know Calder saw, so maybe he told Blakey.

First Period:
- Tommy Lasorda dropped the puck and Blake and Pronger share a civil handshake.
- Listen Kings, Fro may be strong on the puck, but not when he's surrounded by 4 Ducks. Please help him.
- If it was physically possible for Giuliano to stay out on the ice for the ENTIRE PK, I'd say DO IT. He freaking rocks out there and I honestly get antsy when he's not on the ice during that time.
- There were a total of 7 penalties during the first so there were some stressful moments. Especially with Vish hitting the crossbar on a rush. ARGH!
- Kings Goal - Anze (19) takes the puck to the net on the PP at 16:16 and the Kings are up 1-0. What??? What was that?? The Kings got on the board first?? I think the world just ended....
- Ratti and Parros go at it and it's a pretty even match up, I must say. I'm gonna venture a guess and say that will say it's a tie. Both go off for 5 minutes.
- At the very end of the period, there's a scuffle at center ice and a Duck grabs the puck with two trailing Kings and puts it past Barbs. BUT the goal was put under review and it was found to be in the net AFTER the period had ended. Awesome.

There's Handzus actually NOT losing faces off like there's no tomorrow.

End of the First Period:
- Attention all men with stupid girlfriends: Don't bring them to hockey games!!! Teach them the game from your freaking couch. There was a butter-faced blonde sitting two seats away from me saying the stupidest shit. I thought I was gonna stab my own eyes out.
- So are these really my Kings? They're looking good, being aggressive. Please show up for the 2nd!!!

Second Period:
- Kings Goal - Army tips in the puck at 4:21 and Teddy Purcell has his first NHL point with an assist!!!!
- At this point I'm wondering, "Does it really say Kings 2 Ducks 0????"
- Kings Goal - Fro takes a wrister to the net at 9:53. This goal started in the slot with Moulson passing it downlow to Army, who passed it across the front of the net to Fro. Freaking fantastic.
- The Ducks pull Giguere and put in rookie Hiller.
- Sully needs to get stronger on the puck in the corners. He's getting outbattled constantly.....
- Ratti and May are being a little lovey-dovey tonight, what with all the man hugging.
- No penalties in this period, and the Kings are looking mighty fine.

End of the Second Period:
Here is a video that Finny from Girl With A Puck and I made during the intermission.

Third Period:

- The Kings are still being aggressive in the corners and moving the puck and killing their penalties.
- Brad freaking Stuart is earning his paycheck tonight. I'm floored that he's putting shots on, throwing up hits, and taking names. Why can't you be this good every game, man!!!
- Ducks Goal - Rob Neidermayer scores at 16:48. Barbs just didn't close his legs fast enough and Rob N scored. Hmmm...that's what she said....
- The Kings finish the game just like they started: out on the hunt for duckies.

End of the Game:
- Kings 3, Ducks 1
- Shot total (because Staples couldn't fix their jumbo tron stat) - Kings 31, Ducks 32
- My Manchester Boys rocked it out there tonight.
- Hey Purcell! You need to start downing those protein shakes; you know, fatten you up a bit.
- The Kings come out with an unexpected win, which means the Ducks lost two nights in a row going into the All-Star weekend.
- I'm still in shock.