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I Think a Part of My Soul Died Tonight

I really don't even know what to say because it's all been said before. And really, I'm tired of ranting. The Preds came through Staples and embarrassed us on home ice netting 7 goals.

- Aubin made the most ridiculous glove save I've seen in a long time.
- Jeff Giuliano seemed like the only player willing to put in any effort tonight.
- Putting in Klemm as a forward makes me sick.
- This is definitely not a "team" anymore. This was 20 individuals trying to make something happen on their own. Oh yeah, and the usual leaving their goalies out to dry.
- I honestly couldn't give less of a shit that Stuart had a team-high 6 shots on net. He still sucks.
- Thanks for the free tickets, KingsCast. I think I would have screamed if I had actually paid for these seats.

Actually, I will rant about something. The Kings are doing so poorly, it's obvious, but it doesn't help that people are chanting "Fire Crawford" and "Crawford Sucks" every other minute, especially when the chant started a few rows behind me. I think they got the fucking point. You can boo when Crow's name is announced, whatever. But to scream it incessantly through the WHOLE game and then start cheering for Nashville?? Why don't you take your kids home and watch the game on the couch. You make me sick.

Tell me, honestly, how do you play with any energy when you're being booed. Non-stop.

Here is your chance to hear our (kms2 and CKim) thoughts during the second intermission. Enjoy.