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Kings 4, Flames 6

- It's raining in LA
- Will I find comfort at Staples?
- Great to see KQ with her silver boots. Good times!

1st Period:
- Calgary gets 2 goals before we get 4 minutes into the game. I was honestly just praying that Barbs wasn't going to be pulled.
- The energy is high, which is a good thing to see, but we're getting out-muscled. I felt like every time the Flames got the puck they had a little more hop in their step than the Kings. They break out faster, they skate faster. I probably don't really need to write this, but Iginla is A LOT faster than Modry. haha WOW.
- Phaneuf scares me.

Can you just keep Stuart in there for the whole game?

2nd Period:
- Kings Goal - Fro (7) grabs the puck from Kiprusoff who was caught behind the net and wrapped it around into an empty net at 6:14.
- The Flames are blocking passes in the neutral zone relegating the Kings to their own zone.
- Flames Goal - Iginla (32 wow) snaps it past Barbs.
- Brownie and Dion are eyeing each other. I thought there'd be a fight or something before the end of the game, but I was incorrect. Damn. We need a spark. We need ....goals.

There's Handzus losing another faceoff.

3rd Period:
- Kings Goal - Stuart (6) gets a PP goal at 2:08 and brings life back to the Kings.
- Shots are even at 25.
- Kings Goal - Nagy (9) wrists it in at 4:48 with assists going to Fro and Vish. See?? That's what happens when you take the puck to the net!! FINALLY!
- We're tied 3-3
- Flames' Dustin Boyd and Robyn Regehr collide right inside the Kings blueline and their play is broken up amidst laughter from Staples and probably the Kings too.
- Behind the Kings net Calder gets high sticked in the face and nothing is called. He skates to the bench with BLOOD ALL OVER HIS FACE. About 20 seconds later the other ref or a linesman sees Calder BLEEDING on the bench and whistles the play dead. Corey Sarich gets a double minor for high sticking.
- Brownie gets hit at the end boards and goes to the locker room, but he only misses one shift and was back out being his old self.
- Stuart sucks. I really don't know how else to put it. Scratch him. Trade him. Keep him off the ice.
- Kings Goal - Kopi (17) nets a power play goal at 10:12 but is immediately pushed into the crossbar by a Flamer.
- Fro is called for tripping and the Flames are on the PP.
- Flames Goal - Huselius scores at 13:05 by getting a clean cross-ice pass from Iginla.
- We're tied 4-4.
- The stress is high and it's coming down to just a couple of minutes. BRIAN WILLSIE gets called for holding and knows he just lost the game for us.
- Flames Goal - Langkow scores at 14:55. Damnit Willsie!!

Kiprusoff looking smug after completely knocking Thornton over for no reason.

- Crow pulls Barbs in the last minute and there are some chances, but the puck is moved into the Kings zone and Vish is there trying to evade Huselius. Wouldn't you know it, Huselius strips Lubo of the puck and scores on an empty net. It's like taking candy from a baby.

End of Game:
- Kings 4, Flames 6
- There was hope. There really was.
- My brother's thought after the game: "Keep Kopitar, Brown, Frolov, and Johnson. Trade everyone else."

According to Matt Kredell over at Inside The Kings, the Kings are going to be at various locations signing autographs tomorrow. When I saw who was going to be at my local rink, I laughed really hard and realized that I didn't want to meet any of them.