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More Ice Time For Raitis Please!

Dear Marc Crawford:

This is a request for more ice time to be given to Ivanans. Because, really I’m tired of dudes taking cheap shots at Kopi. Brownie and Sully definitely have that air about them that tells the opposition that they can take care of themselves. But to see Cammy stick up for Kopi, c’mon people! And now Cammy’s injured, and there are trade rumors, and really, there’s nothing good that comes with one of the smallest guys sticking up for one of the biggest guys. But make no mistake, if I was out having ice cream with Anze and Pronger came by and slapped the cone out of Kopi’s hand, I would take down Pronger in a second. That’s just a travesty to waste ice cream like that.

I kind of want to see what would happen if Crow put Ratti out on a shift with Kopi. Would anyone actually have the balls to mess with Kopi? It must be so frustrating for Ratti to be sitting on the bench for the better part of 50 minutes of a game watching cheap shots being doled out. I’m not saying it’s happening on a regular basis, but still. And I’m not advocating that the league go back to the days of having the role of the pure enforcer, but hasn’t it been an issue with the Kings lacking size this year? We have a guy of scary stature in Ivanans; why not use him more for the size issue? I hardly see why Crawford wouldn’t utilize him more.

And just to reiterate his badass...ness, I was absolutely floored when he took a Rob Blake slapshot to the face earlier in the season. Not only did he NOT fall down, he took it like a champ and skated back to the bench so that the offensive play could continue. What would you have done if you were him? I know I'd fall to the ice, howl in pain, and then most likely get taken to the hospital for facial reconstructive surgery. I don't know how many plates I'd have in my face, but Ivanans definitely has 4 in his cheek now...for the rest of his life. But how cool is that, to be able to say that you have plates in your face courtesy of Rob freaking Blake. I'd say it loud and proud, but I think I'm a little too biased. Ahh, good times.

So, please Crawford, please give Ratti some more ice time. He’s a presence out on the ice; one that's actually needed.


He may not be cute, but he can knock your butt to the ground.

Let's look at Ivanans' ice time of late:
- 01.12.08 vs. Dallas - 4:04 (Pathetic)
- 01.10.08 vs. Toronto - 8:08
- 01.08.08 vs. Nashville - 11:16 (I guess this game was so horrendous that Crow decided to share the wealth of ice time with the lesser of the roster. Thanks, ass.)
- 01.05.08 vs. Calgary - 7:13

To Ratti: I hope Crow realizes your lack-of-presence on the ice. I, personally, love to see you on the prowl like a cheetah about to go in for the kill, not to say you’ve got the agility of a cheetah. But you know what I mean. Sometimes we need a big, bad 265-pound presence on the ice and, really, Handzus ain’t cutting it. I know he’s your teammate and all, but tell me, how can the tallest guy on the team be the softest guy? Why is he so afraid to take the body once in a while? Even Willsie can get all up in your face. (This is why I love Ratti and Giuliano out there. They take the body and aren’t afraid to get a little dirty. A plea for more ice time for my Manchester Boy is for another post.)

I'm pulling for you, Raitis. I really am; I just hope what's his face will listen.

Side note to all you out-of-town announcers, you pronounce his name ee-va-nans. NOT i-van-is.

Player Transactions:
1) Cammy has been placed on IR retroactively to Dec. 22 (ok, really? You waited THIS LONG to put the little one on IR?? It's freaking January 14th!!!)
2) Teddy Purcell was recalled from the Monarchs.
3) Peter Harrold was recalled from the Monarchs.
4) Klemm was NOT recalled. Thank the Lord.
5) I'm excited.