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Roadtrip Game 1 - Kings 2, Flyers 3 (PT)

As I nervously drive home from work, I'm refraining from listening to the game on the radio because I just want to sit down and start the DVR. I heart my DVR. Note to self: do not text with KingsCast before a game. You will get false information!!!

1st Period:
- When they were showing the TV lineups during the start of the game, I saw that some dude named Wilson was on the 3rd line. Wilson?? Who the EFF is Wilson. But I then see a 21 skating around and realized that it should have said WILLSIE!! C'mon TV people, whoever you are! Don't confuse me like that!!
- I thought the pace of the first period was great, it was fast and pretty open with only 2 penalties. The Kings did really well on their PK while getting 3 short-handed chances. Kudos to Giuliano (of course) and Sully on their shifts. But what is sad is that the Kings had more chances on their PK than on the PP chance they had. ha...ha.... yeah... about that.
- Oh my gosh...Kerry Fraser looks old!!
- They show highlights of the Manchester Monarchs at the AHL All-Stars this past weekend during the intermission and Teddy Purcell had some ridiculous goals in his hat trick and shootout winner. OH...MY...WORD...

2nd Period:
- Flyers Goal - Coburn score 57 seconds in. Damn.
- The Kings are still playing with gusto. I'm glad the D-Men are getting involved in plays and making a difference. They're all stepping up, except for...Preissing. What are you doing out there, sir?
- Kopi scores!!! (20) I promptly get up and do a happy dance. My neighbors must think I'm crazy.
- Frolov is a beast on the puck. The Flyers can't knock him off the puck and he stick handles around the back of Biron. This is fantastic. JJ takes it to the net, is blocked, Moulson grabs the rebound, is denied. This is ridiculous! So many chances! I love this! This is how the Kings need to be playing every single game.
- 11:35 left and the game is tied 1-1 as are the shots at 16 apiece.
- Kings on the PP with Flyers caught for too many men. Bob Miller said that the Flyers are 22nd in the league in the PK and the Kings are 5th on the PP, which is promising for the So Cal team. Alas, the play is still open and going back and forth and the Kings don't utilize the PP opportunity.
- Jim Fox described it well in that this game as become a "make a decision fast" type of game. If you have the puck and don't make a decision to pass or skate, you're gonna lose possession.
- The Kings are being scrappy and the puck is frozen but there's a scrum after the whistle. Jim Fox said, "The Kings are looking for loose pucks, the Flyers are looking for loose Kings." Man, I love Fox-y.
- This game becomes more wide open now that it's a 4-on-4. Scottie Upshall upends Brownie with a slash and goes to the box and it's a 4-on-3. The Kings put the big boys out there and get a couple shots on. 5-on-4 for 0:58 - The pace of this game is looking the same. No one has slowed down at all.
- I'm wondering what the hits count is for both teams because this game doesn't seem as physical as it could be. I mean it's the Baby Broad Street Bullies against Dustin Brown & Co.
***Update from the Event Summary/Super Stats Sheet: Kings had 13 hits and the Flyers had 11. Does this seem odd to anyone else? Brownie registered only one hit? At the same time, this was a fast-paced, not too physical game. But still....1 hit, Brownie?***
- Apparently I spoke too soon, Brownie and Hartnell get minor penalties and the period ends.

3rd Period:
- I've seen Sully do this numerous times WITH fail: Enter the offensive zone with the puck with opposition players on, and he makes a no-look pass back to the blue no one. I've seen this happen and the pass rarely connects with the correct player. Sigh.
- Flyers Goal - Gagne scores at 3:48. DAAAAMNIT.
- Ok, Flyers player, keep your damn gloves off of Frolov's face. The boy needs to keep his face pretty, so don't be rubbing your dirty-ass equipment all up on his grill.
- Kings PK - Stuart is getting it done. Glad you could come out again, Brad.
- KINGS GOAL - MATT MOULSON (4) with a deflection off his mid-section (it looked like) from Vish at 12:58. This game is doing a good job at elevating my heart rate. Tied 2-2.
- JJ takes a penalty at 17:10 and the Kings proceed to STRESS ME OUT!! They kill it off well and I hope the Kings stick JJ's head into a dirty garbage can for taking that penalty with only a couple minutes left in the game. Ridiculous.
- End of regulation: Tied 2-2

- Stat from Bob Miller: Kings are 2-0 in OT.
- Holy hell, the Flyers are getting shots on and the Kings are struggling to get something set up in the offensive zone.
- Scott Hartnell scores with 29 seconds remaining with his feet with a pass from Richards with Vish backchecking. Goal is put under review and there it was deemed that there was no distinct kicking motion.

- Kings 2, Flyers 3, CKim Heartbreak
- I'm glad the Kings were able to leave the ice with a point. I thought this game was hard-fought by both teams and that the Kings played their game well.
- As I check the Event Summary/Super Stats Sheet, I see that Handzus still is no good in the faceoff circle winning 4 and losing 11. Ok, dude, Kopi lost 10, but he still won 13! C'mon man! Let's move that stick a little faster, ok?

Contract Extension
Raitis Ivanans signs for a 2-year extension, $600,000 per year. I like this signing; I like him patroling the ice; overall good signing, DL.