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Roadtrip Game 2 - Kings 3, Islanders 1

1st Period:
- Ricky Di is on the bench...looking....yummy. But are the Islanders thinking that this'll be an easy 2 points? Did they not watch the game against philly?
- Brownie's got 226 hits and leads the NHL by more than 50 hits from the guy in second.
- Kings PP - Man, Brad Stuart is making a showing. This is promising...there are some shots on but no goals.
- Kings PP again - Islanders are better at killing this penalty and the Kings don't get as many chances as they did on the first PP.
- Kings Goal - Matt Moulson (5). A broken play leads to a scramble in front of the net and Moulson gets the puck and gets the goal at 10:35.
(AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)
That's right, goalie with a really long name. Kings are up.

- Witt gets a penalty and the third PP leads to Moulson getting an extra shift. He didn't get any minutes on the special teams on Tuesday's game, but here he is and he makes the most by getting a break to the net.
- Islanders Goal - Bryan Berard gets a straight on opportunity after Vish makes a bad pass at 14:19.
- Definitely did not like last 4 minutes of play by the Kings.

2nd Period:
- Kings clean up their act in the first 5 minutes.
- Shot of DiPi streaming water out of his mouth and Jim Fox saying that he's still feeling the effects of the flu. I spoke too soon as I'm sure he'd be in net if he was well. Yeah? Yeah?
- Kings PP - ...Kings are 0 for 4 on the PP in this game
- They spend some time doing a good job shutting down anything the Islanders want to try to start outside of their blueline.
- Mike Comrie must have a fantastic personality because he's just okay in the face, so I'm sure it's something else that The Duff sees in him.
- Moulson is now on the second line with Fro and Army. Nagy, you can go Phoenix, we don't want you anymore.
- The tempo of this period is slower than in the first and there's no real definite puck possession for too long by either team.
- Theres a scrum after the whistle and all three Kings get pinned up against the boards by the Islanders after Fro went for the puck after the whistle. Comeau tries to start something with Moulson and both go to the box. The 4-on-4 doesn't bring too much except allow Kopi to display his moves.
- Trent Hunter has a rat taped to his chin. That is NOT a goatee. Gross.
- What is up with this line to end the period: Kopi, Fro, and Moulson. Crow! Stop it!

3rd Period:
- I like the opening minutes of this period. The Kings are working and Fro is, once again, being a beast on the puck.
- Kings PP - Kings Goal - Blake (5) gets the deflection from Brownie who got a nice cross-ice pass from Kopi at 7:22. Kings 2, Islanders 1.
- Kings PK - Good kill, good kill.
- The rest of the period goes a little faster than the 2nd and the Isles pull their backup with about 90 seconds to go.
- Kings Goal - Fro (12) shots the puck and it looks like it's gonna be an icing, but it's in the net at 19:19 and the Kings are up 3-1. Game. Is. Over.

Kings win!!! Two points!!
I'm just gonna gloat one more time about Moulson in this game. In the game against Philly on Tuesday he logged 8:55 total time on the ice. Tonight he got 17:23 and ended the night at a +2. Bye Nagy!