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Breaking News - Player Transactions

Kings waive Aubin and Cloutier was put on re-entry waivers

This is a tragic day for all Kings fans. Nothing more tragic could have happened in the realm of player transactions. Nothing. Aubin was shipped off to greener pastures and Cloutier will be in a Kings sweater once again.

Has DL just completely tossed the rest of the season ensuring us the best chance at Stamkos? If so, consider me tossing my cookies.

Yet history has shown that this could not be too far from the truth. Pittsburgh, in wanting to draft Lemeiux, proceeded to stopping winning their games in order to get this player who they so coveted. This translated into Cups for the Penguins in ‘91 and ’92. It wasn’t until later that the draft lottery was introduced to prevent teams from doing what the Penguins did. Even so, the team in last place STILL has the best chance at getting the first pick. Stamkos anyone?

Perhaps a trade that is made in the next two weeks will bring in a higher 1st round pick and we could get Luke Schenn. I’m SURE DL saw the chemistry between Hickey and Schenn at the WJC. They were paired up and read each other well; Schenn’s size and Hickey’s awesomeness were obvious.

But really, I just want us to stop sucking and having other teams and their fans seeing us suck. Fortunately, the Kings are on a great roadtrip (well, who knows what Detroit will bring tomorrow) and I’m not sure how bringing in Cloutier will help the Kings. At Manchester they are currently tango-ing with three netminders: Dan Taylor, Erik Ersberg, and Cloutier. With Cloutier healthy and back in the rotation, this causes one of the younger goalies to not get as much time on the ice as he could/should. Aubin is currently providing jack squat for this squad and, I will admit, that he would probably be better served elsewhere. What could make this more typical of the Kings is if some team picks up Aubin and he starts to play well.

Will Cloutier get us a better shot at Tavares? 2009? My word, that’s so far away. Is this what DL’s thinking? Give Cloutier some minutes, solidify our picks (Stamkos, Schenn/Doughty), AND give us a glimmer of light for the 2009 draft? How long is this rebuild?

Since Cloutier is signed through the end of NEXT season, will he stay on while Bernier develops at Manchester? Will one season be enough to instill Bernier with confidence in himself? (I actually think that question is a no-brainer. Scratch that.) Again, will having Cloutier here better our chances for Tavares?

Sidenote, but not off-topic: The Kings should just start Cloutier in net against the Red Wings, because, really, we aren’t gonna win anyway.