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Kings Practice & Another Go With The Yotes (PT)

Kings Practice and Player Transactions:
- Fro's brother is in So Cal and he was there watching the guys on the ice. They DEFINITELY look related.
- Brian Boyle was reassigned to Manchester (Feb. 17).
- Lauri Tukonen was recalled from Manchetser.
- During practice Cloutier was letting in soft goals, but of the rebound kind. I don't like how he frantically searches about for his rebounds. It doesn't instill too much confidence for me... And I still don't like his helmet. Maybe if he was as good as Hasek, I wouldn't mind it. Hrm.
- On Tukonen: I wasn't that impressed. I was definitely impressed when Purcell was recalled, but I guess there's a reason why Purcell is a stud in the AHL while Tukonen is just a foot soldier. I have no idea what he was putting up in Manchester, but maybe he'll make me eat my words in tonight's game. I hope so.

- The Kings played the Coyotes on Saturday without much success, so...let's hope for a W. We seriously can't lose ALL 8 GAMES against the Coyotes this season. I REFUSE!!!
- My thoughts go to Mickey Renaud's family and friends. He was 19 years old, the captain of the Ontario Hockey League's Windsor Spitfires, and Calgary Flames prospect (2007: 143). He collapsed in his home and was pronounced dead at noon today. Again my heart goes out to all those effected by this tragic occurrence.

1st Period:
- Bryz is NOT in net!!! Sweet!! We got Mikael Tellqvist tonight.
- The play is starting out hard and fast. JJ got a big hit off and Tukonen went for a hit but took the worst of that one. Ouch.
- Kings PK - Coyotes Goal - Jovanovski...uhh...yeah (3:45).
- Coyotes Goal - The pace started to pick up with bodies all over the place; the Kings set up a good trap but there was a turnover at the Kings blueline, and Vrbata gets a breakaway toward Barbs (5:06). They get 2 goals in 1:21. Crap.
- I think the problem is that with 6 minutes in, we have ZERO shots on net.
- At 11:54 - I just saw Purcell execute two plays in a row that the Kings practiced this morning. I actually think that's pretty cool.
- Dallman - HIT on Perrault. Nice.
- Sully, Purcell, and Fro on a line. Hmm... Crawford, Crawford, Crawford.
- Kings PK - This is actually a really good kill. The Kings have possession and are holding on to the puck. They're also getting shots on in a short-handed situation.
- Kings PP - The Coyotes do a good job on this kill. Blah.

2nd Period:
- Note to Jack: Don't pick your nose on the bench please.
- Coyotes Goal - Carcillo pulls and drags around Dallman and backhands it over Barbs shoulder (4:16).
- Halfway through the period: the Kings are getting some good shots on, but the Coyotes are cycling well and not letting the Kings get too set in their plays. The Kings are getting pushed out of the zone.
- Coyotes Goal - Winnik goes to the net with 3 Kings softly backchecking (12:40). Grr...
- 2nd period = The Kings are back on their heels because the Coyotes are aggressively forechecking, backchecking, getting shots on, uhhh, is there anything else? This is so sloppy!!
- Kings PP - That was terrible.
- I must say, Lauri Tukonen has been completely invisible. Boyle anyone? Perhaps some Moulson? I'd even take Harrold!
- Kings PP - Uhh...
- I'm kind of embarrassed....the Kings have 17 giveaways to the Yotes 8. And of course, we have less shots on.

3rd Period:
- Nothing impressive in the first 10 minutes until the fight between Ivanans and Carcillo. I was unaware that Carcillo was only 5'9". I'm giving this one to Raitis, obviously.
- This is where the Kings decide to pick up their pace and aggressiveness. Sully and Brownie get a short-handed opportunity; Sully is tripped up (slew-footed) and Brownie is slashed but only one that is called is the one for Sully. Brownie is pissed and starts throwing his body around where ever he has an open shot.
- At 17:48 Army and Carcillo get 10-minute misconducts and leave for the locker room.
- Kings PP - Can they break the shut out?.......... Negative.

- Kings 0, Coyotes 4 (0 for 6 against the Coyotes. Amazing.)
- Shots: Kings 34, Yotes 29 (3rd period: 17, 5. Can we say trying to make up for not showing up for the first 40 minutes??)