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A Night Of Firsts!!!!

The Kings played the Calgary Flames and came out the victors 6-3. I was hoping that they'd bring the momentum from the great 8-game roadtrip to Staples, and they did not disappoint. They came out fast and caught Kiprusoff with his hands down his pants.
Yeah Giuliano!!! He needs more love.

So this was definitely a night of firsts:

1) Brian Boyle makes his Staples Center debut and does not disappoint by getting a goal!!

2) KEVIN DALLMAN nets his first goal of the year!! Whoda thunk?!?! (He also got almost 17 minutes of ice time!!!)

(AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)
Love their faces.

3) Teddy Purcell gets his first NHL goal!!!

4) Jeff Giuliano was awarded a penalty shot. Has he ever had one before??

5) First time seeing the Flames #3 since signing his new 6-year, 6.5 million dollar contract. I would DEFINITELY NOT pay him $6.5 mil per year, but that's just me.

6) Kings take the last game of this series against the Flames with an in-your-face type of win.

Have we EVER had more shots on net??