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Roadtrip Game 3 - Kings 3, Devils 6 (PT)

Pre-game with Player Transactions:
- Rob Blake is back in LA with a fractured ankle. What is this gonna do for trade rumors?
- Peter Harrold - recalled from Manchester
- Brian Boyle - recalled and being chauffeured from Manchester
- Ladislav Nagy was placed on IR retroactive to January 18. What is this gonna do for trade rumors too?
- Kevin Dallman was sent to Manchester on a conditioning assignment on February 1st.

1st Period:
- Jim Fox said Harrold will be paired with Stuart and JJ would be paired with Preissing. Why you gotta change it again, Crow? Just put JJ back with Modry.
- Devils Goal - Clarkson shimmies past the blueline with only Stuart between him and Barbs. He moves Stuart out of the way and takes a shot at Barbs at 4:43.
- 13:30 - Brian Boyle is out on the ice. Wow...he's bigger than Ratti!!!!
- Kings PK - It's a fast-paced kill and the Devils are unsuccessful in their shots. BUT the Devils have kept the puck in the kings' zone far more minutes than not and the shots are 8 Devils, Kings 1.
- Kings have a fantastic breakout from their goal like all the way inside the Devils zone at 9 minutes remaining. That should really be happening more often.
- Kings PP - Kings are moving the puck fast and the Devils are being feisty. Opportunity is over. Sigh.
- What?? Handzus, Sully and Giuliano??? Crow...dude...
- Devils are definitely controlling this on the ice and on the scoreboard. I don't know how I feel about the ending of this far, I'm not seeing how the Kings are gonna shut down the Devils. They're being really aggressive in front of Barbs and the Kings are just okay when the Devils are down low.

2nd Period:
- Devils Goal - Patrick Elias gets a feed from behind the net and beats poor Barbs at 2:30.
- Do you think Giuliano feels like a midget on a line with Ivanans and Boyle?
- Half-way point - The Devils have the neutral under their control now and the Kings are missing passes.
- Kings Goal - Brian Boyle nets his first NHL goal!!! Stuart is playing deep on the left side behind Brodeur, passes to the right side behind the net to Giuliano, and he passes it right in front to Boyle who tucks it past Brodeur at 8:38.
- Devils Goal - They come right back at 9:53 and Karel Rachunek moves past all the Kings forwards and that's all she wrote.
- Kings PP - The Kings control this PP a little more than the first one. Kings 0 for 2 o the PP.
- Kings Goal - JJ gets his 3rd NHL goal at 12:57. Boyle moves behind the goal line and passes it to a rushing JJ. Boyle has two points so far.
- Devils Goal - Right off the faceoff Colin White shoots into traffic and it goes in over Barbs' left shoulder at 13:30.

(AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)
Hold me, Whitey. Hold me close.

- Full Manchester line is out with a minute 10 left: Giuliano, Moulson, and Boyle. Muhahaha.... ahem.
- Devils Goal - 3 Devils collapse down low and with 10 seconds left and Travis Zajac scoots it in at 19:55. Is Aubin gonna be in net for the third?
- That was just ridiculous. Kings are down 2 to 5. And how in god's name are the Kings down in hits??? Devils have 14 and we have 6???
- just showed a preview of Patrick O'Neal with Brownie at his house. They pulled out the bobblehead of him and they made it without teeth!!!! TOO FUNNY.

(AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)
Just because I need something to laugh at.

3rd Period:
- Aubin's in!! Ack.....
- Ratti grabs Rupp and takes him down in one punch. Both get 5 for fighting and we move along.
- Thoughts: Move Willsie somewhere else, bring in Purcell. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.
- Great, the Kings decide to show up in the middle of the 3rd period instead of at the beginning of the 1st. Typical.
- Kings Goal - The Kings are attacking attacking attacking and Vish puts one home with a quick snapshot at 14:57.
- Devils Goal - AUBINNNNNNN. CRAPPPPP. The Kings D were being aggressive, but Start is backchecking without a stick and Sergei Brylin nets it at 16:43.
- Kings play picks up in this period and they outshoot the Devils 13 to 3. But not showing up at the beginning of the game causes you to lose games. Haven't you learned your lesson already? They were getting beaten on the boards all night long and the Devils were even able to get Fro off the puck.

- Kings 3, Devils 6
- Why couldn't the Kings have come out in the first like they did in the third? Why has their play reverted back to a month ago? They had been doing so well the past three games! They have two days off until their next game on Tuesday against the New York Rangers. I'm hoping they bring back what they've been building for that game.