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Roadtrip Game 4 - Kings 4, Rangers 2 (PT)

Pre-Game and Player Transactions:
- The Kings haven't been at MSG in 5 years where they won 6-2 against the Rangers.
- Cammy has been activated from IR
- Brownie is out for the birth of his first child. Congrats to him and Nicole!

1st Period:
- Thornton is on the first line?? Cammy is on the second and Moulson was moved to the 3rd creating an all-Manchester line. Willsie is a scratch. Purcell anyone?
- First 5 minutes of the period: the Kings are spending more time in the Rangers zone, which is a rarity and Kopi is again showing off his mad skills.
- Kings PP - Boyle is getting time on the PP but the Rangers are doing a good job trapping the Kings out in the first minute. Avery hooks Fro and is in the box. I think Calder should summon the aura of Holmstrom in his screening skills; he needs to get his rear a little closer to the top of the crease. I'm sure there are a couple more inches there that he could gain.
- Halfway through the period: the Kings have 10 shots on and the Rangers have only 1.
- Kings Goal - I guess I shouldn't doubt Thornton (5) (at 10:10).
- Kings Goal - Brian Boyle (2) gets a pass from Moulson who was mucking it out in the right corner with Giuliano and two Rangers. That was a great cross-ice pass from Moulson over to the big boy at 13:08.
- Avery and Stuart give it the ole staredown in front of Barbs. These are two guys that look like they're enjoying themselves when they're actually pissed. They have these sneers that would make you think they're actually the best of friends.

(Jim McIssac/Getty Images)
Can you believe People Magazine picked this guy as one of its sexiest men? Vomit-inducing? You betcha.

- Kings PP - What a bore. This game needs to pick up the pace already.
- This Manchester line is making some great plays happen. They're throwing their bodies and making the Rangers skate on their heels.
- Rangers Goal - They're able to get something set up in the Kings zone and a shot from the point is translated into a save from Barbs but Drury (17) grabs it up and gets it past Barbs at 17:50.
- Last couple minutes of the period: the Rangers decide they want to start throw their bodies around.
- Shots on goal Kings 16, Rangers 5. Good job, guys.

2nd Period:
- Kings PP - Rangers kill this off uneventfully and true to Kings form, the Rangers are able to start aggressively setting up plays and getting the puck right to Barbs. I feel like sometimes the Kings aren't as aggressive as they should be when the time on a PP runs out.
- Kings PK - After a short-handed break with Kopi and Sully, the Rangers move back quickly and get some crazy shots on around Barbs. Barbs is definitely making key saves through the rush.
- Cammy, Cammy, Cammy, move your little legs faster!
- Kings Goal - A defensive breakdown from the Rangers allows three Kings forwards to rush down low to the net. Frolov (13) gets the puck last from the passing frenzy and the Kings are up 3-1 at 9:18.
- YES!!! Ivanans is eyeing Avery. DO IT RATTI. Just slug him right between the eyes.
- Kings PK - Barbs gets an interference call and the Rangers get their second PP. Handzus ALMOST got another shorthanded break. I'm getting more and more impressed with Stuart's play. He's making a difference as opposed to making mistakes. And I like the fact that he's standing up for Barbs, FINALLY. Speaking of Barbs, he's getting square on ALL of the shots and he's looking great in net.
- Lundqvist is getting a workout tonight and Cammy ALMOST gets his first goal in....I can't even remember what he looks like when he's scoring.
- Rangers Goal - Freaking Avery. There are 4 Kings and 3 Rangers down low and it's a scramble to get the puck in the net at 17:26.
- The Rangers are back in this game and they're putting the pressure on in the second half of this period. The Rangers have also brought their shot total past the Kings 30-26.
- It just may be Stuart and Avery going at it instead of Ratti and Avery.

3rd Period:
- Kings Goal - Fro is being his usual forechecking beastly-self and passes the biscuit over to Kopi (21) in the high slot at 1:21. If Frolov doesn't get a star tonight, I'll be pissed.
***Update: Frolov got the 3rd Star, Kopi got the 2nd, and Barbs got the well-deserved 1st Star of the night!***
- 5 minutes gone and the tone of the game is more chippy than when it first started. Barbs has faced 34 total shots with 11 minutes gone in the period.
- Kings PP - Boyle was out there to win the face off and then immediately went to the bench. I'm SO GLAD that there's someone that can win faceoffs. Handzus? I think not. Paul Mara gets knocked on his ass by Stuart and it wasn't the best kill, but they got it done.
- Kings PP - I spy Cammy on this first shift back with Kopi and Sully.
- The Rangers pull Lundqvist with about 40 seconds to go and they get more aggressive in the Kings zone. Shot after close call after scramble in and around the net and I start to celebrate with 4 seconds to go.
- Shots on goal: Kings 31, Rangers 41. Would you have it any other way?

- Kings 4, Rangers 2
- Another two points and I hope the boys over at The 2 Man Advantage enjoyed themselves at MSG.
- The Kings are continuing their momentum through this roadtrip and, besides the game against the Devils, they're looking good and working well together. There are a lot of injuries and such preventing this team to function with the roster it started the season with. But, quite frankly, that's a great thing. I'm loving the new guys who are coming in and making differences immediately.