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Roadtrip Game 5 - Kings 5, Red Wings 3 (PT)

Pregame and Player Transactions:
- JS Aubin was waived and cleared to Manchester
- Dan Cloutier was placed on re-entry waivers and was cleared
- Rob Blake has been placed on IR
- Dustin Brown and his wife have a new baby boy, Jake. He will be back with the Kings when they play Pittsburgh on Saturday.

1st Period:
- Detroit Goal - Would you have it any other way? Samuelsson takes a shot at Barbs and he stops it but it trickles through his legs and Kopecky pushes it across the line 49 seconds in.
- Kings PP - Boyle is taking advantage of his special team minutes. The rest of time is uneventful.
- Kings PP - Holmstrom gets 2 for unsportsmanlike. The Wings are being really chippy on this kill for them and it really didn't look like a PP for the Kings.
- Halfway through the period and the Red Wings are definitely setting the pace of this game and I just hope the Kings can keep up for the full 60 minutes.
- Kings Goal - Kyle Calder (7) gets the puck past Osgood at 10:17 who thought he had it completely covered.
- Harrold got hit hard by a wing; that one looked like it hurt. There's a little scrap after the whistle from that hit and Harrold is recovering on the bench. This basically pisses Ratti off for the rest of the game.
- Kings PK - Stuart gets called for interference. Giuliano loses his stick and then JJ breaks his stick and the fans are going nuts! But they were able to get it out and the Kings quickly recover and kill the rest of the penalty. Barbs ends the PK with a solid save.
- Oh man, there's DAN CLOUTIER sitting on the bench chewing his bubble gum.

Is that a gigantic scar on his face or is the glass just dirty.

- 3 minutes left Cleary shoots and Barbs' stick shatters into three pieces and Calder gives him his stick!! The Kings do a good job in keeping the puck more in the neutral zone and the Red Wings' zone. But he makes a solid save and the play is whilsted down.
- Detroit Goal - Zetterburg scores on the short side on Barbs at 18:51. This goal was lame.
- Kings 1, Detroit 2: shots 9 to 12

(Claus Andersen/Getty Images)
Look at that big-ass rookie

2nd Period
- Kings PK - Two minutes in Ratti takes a crappy holding penalty. Nice kill though.
- The Kings are keeping up the pace and they aren't allowing the Red Wings to completely dominate the game as they could.
- Kings PP - Kopi straight gets tripped up and the Red Wings aren't letting the Kings get down low with the puck. Eh, the Wings predictably kill it.
- Detroit Goal - Zetterburg takes the puck completely around the whole net and Barbs can't get to the opposite post fast enough (13:05).
- The Kings can't get the fucking puck out of the fucking zone. Get your heads on straight! Get the puck out of your zone!!!
- Minute to go, the Kings get stripped of the puck and instead of taking a straight shot on Barbs on a 3-on-1, the Wings pull a Kings move and pass about 3 times and they lose their opportunity.
- Kings 1, Detroit 3; The Kings aren't letting Detroit get too many shots on goal, but Detroit is still controlling the flow of the game.

(Claus Andersen/Getty Images)
Osgood was seeing a lot of this

3rd Period:
- Kings Goal
- Sully (13) goes far, far side top shelf and it's an early goal 39 seconds in. That was a sexy goal.
- Ratti - HIT!!
- Kings PP - Kings Goal - Fro (14) gets a cross-ice pass from Calder with Army screening at 6:15. Game is tied!
- The game is a lot more wide open after this goal than in the first two periods. The Kings are taking back some of the neutral zone that the Wings were dominating earlier.
- Man, these line combinations are all over the place; Moulson, Boyle, and Cammy right now.
- Kings PP - Calder seems to be getting under the skin of his former teammates, which leads to a penalty against Lebda.
- Kings Goal - Stuart (5) takes a long bomb from the blue line and it gets past Osgood. This is the 3rd unanswered goal for the Kings at 13:07.
- Kings Goal - Kopi (22) gets the backhand in the low, low slot and it gets it behind Osgood!! Make that 4 unanswered goals at 14:39. I honestly can't believe the Kings have scored 4 goals in this period. Unbelievable. I guess miracles really do happen.
- Kings PK - Detroit pulls Osgood and they're on a 6-on-4 til the end of the game. The buzzer goes and I think I just peed my pants.

- Kings 5, Detroit 3
- I am officially recanting my comment about putting Cloutier in net since we were gonna lose anyway.
- This was an amazing end to this game. This third period was the best hockey that I've seen the Kings play even in the games where they've won. Even when Detroit got desperate at the end of the game, the Kings maintained their control in their zone. I'm in disbelief. But what is going to annoy me is that news articles tomorrow are gonna say how the lowly Kings beat the Wings. Stop calling us "lowly" and "the worst." I think this roadtrip has shown what they can put together.
- Yes, we're still last in the standings, but we just schooled the Detroit Red Wings.
- Another 2 points!!