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Roadtrip Game 8 - Kings 2, Blues 4

- The Kings have been doing really well this road trip, but I can't wait for them to get back to Staples. I'm wondering if Blake and Nagy will be re-activated off the IR before Friday's game in time for the trade considerations. I will be shocked if Nagy isn't moved by the deadline. He hasn't given us anything recently. Yeah, he got a hat trick in the New Year's Day game, but honestly, what has he done lately?
- The Blues...the Blues...I dunno. Let's drop the puck!

1st Period:
- Kopi gets a breakaway right off the faceoff and draws a penalty. Kings PP - Boyle shoots the puck between his legs trying to fool Legace. This kid's got some moves that you don't think he'd bust out and I'm pleasantly surprised. Ratti and King drop the gloves and after some slugs here and there, Ivanans just muscles him to the ice.
- Kings PK - The Blues are ranked 30th in the league on PP. I can see why; their entry into the offensive zone is pretty sloppy and they can't finish their passes.
- Kings PP @ 11:14 - Hmm, Cammy on the point. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Some shots on net and we move along.
- Kings Goal - Fro is on fire! Sully backhands the puck to the net from the right circle, Frolov (15) (at the left circle) reaches around the defender for the rebound and shoots it past Legace at 13:19.
- Kings PP - They have a sweet entry into the zone, but that's all that was cool about it.
- Kings PK - Dallman can't do his job and takes a penalty. There's a rush to the net and all the players start to scrap and Barbs' body is along the goal line. It's deemed no goal. Ahh Barbs, what a stud! He's made solid saves and I'm not too nervous for the next 20 minutes.
(AP) least Kopi still rocks...

2nd Period:
- Blues Goal - The puck takes a funny bounce up high and goes in behind Barbs 33 seconds in. This reminds me of what happened to Loungo a couple of days ago where the puck just flopped high up over his head and it ended in a goal. Pretty crappy, but a goal's a goal, right? Hmmm, why the hell did McDonald get the goal? If he touched it, then goal would have been waived!
- Sully and Fro get a rush but Legace makes the save and freezes the puck. Could have been 2-1?
- Kings PP - Moulson gets the blade of his stick snapped off and they get a man advantage. Uhh...boring PP.
- Kings Goal - Kings enter the zone and Kopi takes the loooong way around the back of the net. Legace is caught out of position, Moulson and Brownie get in the open crease, Brownie gets a pass from Kopi and pushes it in the net at 4:07.
- Kings PK - Uhh, uneventful. Why does it seem like we're either on the PP or the PK at all times.
- Blues Goal - A big pass out of their zone, a shot on and Rucinsky gets the rebound at 9:01 after the first shot hits the post. We're tied 2-2.
- The play is opening up and both teams are getting chances on net and the puck is all over the ice. The Blues are getting some chances for some big garbage goals but they're not taking advantage.
- Kings PP - 0 for 5

3rd Period:
- Kings PP - The Kings only have 7 shots on going into this power play. So...let's stop passing so much and get the puck to the net, okay? ...0 for 6.
- The pace has slowed down and...I'm a little bored actually... I know these guys realize that they're tied with a little more than half the period to go. I'm hoping that it doesn't stay like this just so both teams can secure a point.
- Blues Goal - Bitches!! JJ gets a penalty right after the goal and...wait, what?? A 10-minute misconduct?? (8:29)
- Kings PP - 0 for 8
- Blues Goal - Bullshit. Blues up 4-2 (13:25).
- I can't believe the Kings are down. There are less than 5 minutes left and the Kings are doing a good job with keeping the puck in the Blues' zone, but the Blues are all collapsing down low and the Kings can't get a good shot on. I honestly can't believe we're losing. Is it because I'm tired?

- What the hell just happened...

- Kings 2, Blues 4
- Just to reiterate how much I hate Handzus in the face off circle, he won 4 and lost 13. What the shit is that???
- Wow, Ivanans only got 2:10 on the ice.