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Stepping up: Kings 5, Blues 1 (PT)

Player Transactions:
- Jaroslav Modry was traded to the Philadelphia Flyers for a 3rd round pick in the 2008 entry draft.
- Peter Harrold was recalled from Manchester.
- Lauri Tukonen was reassigned to Manchester.
- Erik Ersberg was recalled from Manchester.
- Kings claim Matt Ellis off of waivers from the Detroit Red Wings.


- I made a sign for Army since he always looks out at the fans and acknowledges them during warmups. I thought he'd appreciate the message. I must say, he is a COMPLETE HAM and LOVES the attention. Oh yeah, I got a puck from him too. Score!

1st Period:
- The Blues came out hard and had a really aggressive forecheck. Clouts fumbled the puck with his first shot on, which didn't help my confidence in the turn out of the game. And it didn't help that the Kings didn't get their first shot on until the clock said 15:33.
- The Blues also dominated the neutral zone more than the Kings did, and there were some big turnovers by the Kings. They were soft on the passes, soft on the hits, and many of them seemed to constantly be out of position.
- Good note: Handzus is using his body more. I always thought he was a little soft and hesitant to take the body, but he wasn't too bad in this period.
- To continue the pathetic...ness of this period, with 5:25 left, the Kings have only 5 shots on net. And these last 5 minutes were uninspired. The Blues were dominating and were clearly working with each other to set up in the neutral zone and enter the Kings zone like a line should. Kariya and McDonald were pretty feisty and jumping on any loose pucks. It seemed like whenever the Kings got the puck, their reactions were delayed. They were sometimes successful with the first pass out of their zone, but that second pass was more often than not foiled by a Blue. But even when they were able to get that second pass, they just dumped it in and went for a line change.
- This period was crap-tastic. Way to NOT show up guys!! The Kings had only 5 shots on to the Blues' 13.

2nd Period:
- The Kings are on the PK which they kill very nicely. I was actually pleasantly surprised!
- Kings PP - Kings Goal - Kopi (26) took a shot and Sully got the rebound and moved around a sprawling defender with superb patience and put it in the slot. Kopi came in and simply backhanded it past Legace (6:34).
- Kings Goal - Less than two minutes later Frolov (17) passes the puck to Sully from inside the Kings blueline in between his legs, Sully takes it up the right side through the whole neutral zone. He gets pinched on the right side inside the blueline and drops the puck off to Cammy who takes it all the way to the net but then passes back into the slot where Fro got the shot on (8:19).
- Kings Goal - Less than 3 minutes later Fro (18) nets his second of the night!!! Sully now has 3 assists (10:55). Umm, can we say studly??
- The Blues call a predictable timeout and I can catch my breath and reflect on what just happened in the last 10 minutes.
- What pissed me off: Clouts was basically taken out twice by two different Blues players. The first run-in was blatant and Clouts was slow to get up and collect himself. That drew ire from the crowd and we were pissed. The second time, Brad Boyes just completely jumped over Clouts' head and took him down again! JJ had had about enough of that and went after Boyes, thank god. That resulted in a goalie interference call (11:50), which should have come with the first run in!!
- Kings PP - Kings Goal - They convert this opportunity to shut the fucking door in the Blues' face. Sully (15) nets a sweet goal! Kopi was at the right half-boards where he passed to Stuart on the point. Stuart takes a long bomb and goes wide to the left of the goal. The puck bounces behind the goal to the right where Sully picks it up and puts it past Legace who couldn't get to his left fast enough. But I don't think he would have caught it anyway since Sully put it top shelf.
- Blues change up their goalie; Chris Beckford-Tseu. I have NEVER heard of this kid before.
- The Kings are now up 4-0 and the bodies are being thrown a little harder, the passes are landing correctly, but wouldn't you know it, we're still losing faceoffs!
- I want to highlight Jack Johnson. I was very impressed with his play in this game. He's making smart decisions with the puck, he's making sure he's where he's supposed to be on the ice. Did he just decide to mature overnight with Modry leaving? I was honestly a little sad when the crowd booed Modry when it was announced that he was traded. Do the people not realize that he was a consistent Dman? He didn't take the body like the other Dmen, but he always seemed like he was in the correct areas.
- Even Dallman is making a small showing. But you know who still sucks? BRIAN WILLSIE. He's turning the puck over and not helping to complete plays when momentum is going in their favor.

3rd Period:
- Kings Goal
- Okay, I will say that I am not sure Frolov (18) got this goal. It was given to him to get the hat trick, but I....have a feeling that it should have been Cammy's. They video reviewed it and I...don't...think I....agree with the outcome. So Cammy got in front of the net and essentially waited for the puck to come to him. Once he got the puck, he shoved it 5-hole past the netminder. As it was going in, Fro poked his stick in just add some insurance. I mean, it looked like he got some wood on it, but....I think it went over the line before Fro's stick got there.
- The crowd was demanding the hat trick from the officials. Fro, you know I love you, but I don't think that was yours. So you should just score another goal to really ensure that you got the hat trick!
- Right after this goal, Salvador and Scott Thornton start going at it; it's number 27 against 27. That's going to Thornton just because I feel like giving him the win. He definitely made a good showing for this game.

(AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian)
Someone is about to get domed.

- It's basically at this point where I think: Fro, Cammy, and Sully have been absolute studs in this game.

(AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian)

- The Blues decide they need to attack and start pushing the Kings out and are preventing the Kings from getting in front of the Blues' goal. So it's here where I notice that WILLSIE is on a line with Brownie and Kopi.....REALLY, Crow??
- Kings PK - Handzus causes a turnover and makes up for it by taking a penalty! Clouts had to come in and save Handzus' ass by making a point blank save. Grrr..... But, this is a great PK. The Kings are making very smart moves and are holding onto the puck instead of dumping it every time they got a chance. The Blues got some shots on, and there was one shot where the whole arena thought it went in; even the light was going off. After a review, it was deemed no goal.
- Kings PP @ 11:31 - I think the Kings weren't too aggressive on this opportunity because they were up 5 to nothing. They were cycling and were looking for the more finesse shots than anything else.
- Kings PK @ 15:19 - Handzus takes another tripping penalty. This was just ridiculous; he did NOT need to do that. Yeah he lost the puck, but there was a defender there between the puck and Clouts. This was just a dumb move by the mullet-less man. Blues Goal - Martin Ruchinsky (15:58). Damnit, no shutout for Cloutier!

- Kings 5, Blues 1
- After an abysmal first 20 minutes, the Kings decide they want to win! That must have been one hell of a pep talk by the Kings' coaching staff. They looked like a different team at the start of the second period.
- Studs of the game:
** Sully - 1G, 4A, +3, 2 hits, 4 missing teeth
** Frolov - 3G, +3, 6 shots on net
** Cammy - 3A, +3, 5 shots on
* *Cloutier - 32 saves, another W